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LE WEEKEND pink bed linens


First time in years I don’t finish the year as a wreck. Christmas shopping is done, pretty much everything is gift-wrapped and true to my words, I walked 45 min and went to a Bikram yoga class yesterday. I felt so good afterwards that I’m going back today. Why why why do we keep stopping doing the things that are good for us in the first place?? :-)

LE WEEKEND 14/12/2014


Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away!? I’m mostly excited by Mila and Steve arriving next weekend. I think they are going to find that our home has changed a lot, I still have to pinch myself when I see how gorgeous the resin floor in the lounge looks (see old version here and here).My Christmas shopping for the girls is also finished. I got them both these dolls and this feel good print and fab Pineapple lamp for my beautiful niece Lily (which admittedly I wanted for myself to start with) and this wall tidy from Numero 74 for Mila. Last time I was in France, she was desperate for me to get her one so she could store all her things behind her bedroom door and I agreed only if I could find a nice one, job done! I got her the charcoal one. So this week, I’m wrapping everybody’s presents and hanging decorations. I found these beautiful printable holiday gift tags by Molly from Almost Makes Perfect who I discovered via Bloglovin’ and I think you are going to love them. What do you think? // Photography: François …

LE WEEKEND | Cloud grey stonewashed linen. Photography: Francois Kong, Styling: Karine Kong


Yesterday was errand day. I bought a pair of black sequin ankle boots (similar to these) and this nice mohair grey cardigan to wear with boyfriend jeans, some mistletoe and a gorgeous wreath from my local florist (try to shop indie & local whenever you can, I’ve tagged some of my favourite indie shops on Instagram here). Today…