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Life with Mila | The credit card

Life with mila | the credit card

Mila: “Papa…at what age can I have a credit card?” Steve: “31” Mila: “Really!? But Hayley has one and she is like 21” Steve: “Yeah but its 21 in New-Zealand. In France it’s a weird rule but it’s 31” Mila: “OK…”

Life with Mila the bug


Steve and I have been feeling low in energy these past few days… Me: “I’m drained” Steve: “So am I” Me: “Do you think we’re fighting something?” Mila: “I’m good!” Steve: “Yes a bug called Mila” Mila: “It’s the best bug in the world!!” (silence from both of us) She carries on…“Let’s go with that!”  Mila wears a sweatshirt I got from Topshop a few years ago. Here are few of my favourite sweatshirts currently available

Mila, Cap-Breton (C) Karine Candice Köng

The first school trip

Mila (11 years old) is off to her first school trip. To summarise how we both feel about this trip in a few words…She is excited, I’m not :-)

Louise Misha collection

Life with Mila | Shopping

Me: “For your birthday, we can have a girls day and go shopping if you want” Mila: ” oh great! Can it be unlimited credit?” Me: “errm non….” Mila turned 11 a a couple of weeks ago. As we were staying with some friends near Cap-Breton, we went shopping in Hossegor. I’m sure if you are mums of pre-teens you’re going through the same thing than me but the days of having fun buying clothes for my daughter are **OVER**! I used to be able to buy her and most importantly dress her, in gorgeous Liberty print dresses and blouses with smocks but now the sole mention of a dress and she looks at me in disbelief if I was completely mad. I’m not mad, I keep hoping that she will change her mind :-)))) Saying that, we found a middle ground… Last Summer, we had paid a visit to a shop in Hossegor (forgot the name sorry!) where the lady was a bit pushy but she had a great selection of my favourite brands Finger in the Nose, …

Life with Mila | Sorry


Last night, I found this heartfelt, apologising letter from Mila under our sheets which made me smile and one that I will treasure for years to come and potentially dig out on her wedding day! I showed it to Steve and we both had the same reaction…going to Mila’s bedroom to reassure her. Her dad told her he was proud of her for being honest with us. I told her we loved her. Here is what it says:

The most gorgeous tutus. Read on


Last night, Mila was hanging out in her tutu wearing hardly anything while I was all wrapped up in my soft jumper. I asked her what was the occasion, her response cracked me up…

Little piece of wisdom I'm trying to pass on to my daughter. Read more at


Little piece of wisdom I’m trying to pass on to Mila…What best piece of advice have you been giving to your children? Nowadays kids are a lot more connected than we were at their age. As a Blogger, it would be difficult for me to prevent her from using social media but I’m trying to teach her to keep her feet on the ground and to connect with her own tribe so to speak….real friends, friends she shares an interest, people she can rely on. Funnily enough, when it comes to Mila owing a phone for instance, I’m super traditional. She hasn’t got one yet and I will postpone it as much as I can (I’m aiming for her 16 years old birthday) :-) How about you? How are you feeling about all of this? GET SOME PRINTS

{Life with Mila} is a series of funny words Mila told her mum as she was growing up and now recorded on the blog


This morning while driving to school, Mila and I heard that a 13 years old boy was taking exams for the baccalauréat (A level). Mila: “WOW, what is he going to do after? Work?” Me: “He is too young, he will probably go to University” Mila: “WHAT!!! There is another school to go to after high school? How many schools do we have to go to!!?” Yep! It’s only the beginning :-) She wears things from Elias & Grace which has a great Summer Sale on. Sofa cover is from Bemz. Read my post “How to update your old sofa without buying a new one” here.