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Life with Mila…never boring, always happy

I think/hope her bedroom (our loft conversion) will be finished this week.We had to do some photos over the weekend for Real Living Australia magazine and here are a few I took of Mila with my iphone when we were done. It’s a bit grainy but I love them. She has so much happy energy… Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

WHITES 03 | 2014

Last night Mila asked me: “Maman can I live with you until I have a big house”…I swear I love her a lot more than to the moon and back. It’s little moments that like these that remind me that being a mum is still the most important thing ever, no matter how much I love what I do career wise…And I say I because it’s such a sensitive subject and a personal choice that don’t want to generalise, everyone is different but I know a lot of you are in the same boat and will understand what I mean.Do you keep notes of all the wonderful things your children say? // 1. Via Marie-Claire Maison 2. Z5 pendant light 3. Ceramics 4. White linens Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…



We are off skiing on Friday evening and I have been raving about it for days… Mila: “Does it annoy you when people start talking to you too early about holidays and things….?“ Steve: “No”Mila: “Well it does to me because I start to get excited too soon and looking forward to it too much“ Steve: “OK I don’t do that and will be careful not to”Mila: “OK thanks.  Can you tell Maman to stop too”


Sometimes, Mila (9 years old) gets worried about my age. She doesn’t think I’m old or look old, she thinks the number is old… Mila: “…mamaaaan, I don’t like you being 40” Me: “yes I know but that’s ok…I mean technically I’m 44” Mila: “Yes I know but I don’t like it! Can’t you be…30 for instance?” Me: “:-) yes if you want…I’m 30 in my head anyway..” Mila: “Ok…let’s say you’re 34” Me: “ok cool, let’s do that. What about papa? What age shall we give him?” Mila: “Umm…46?” (he is turning 47 this year) Me: “Really? You want me to be with someone older than me”* Mila: “OK…44” Mwouahahaha * For the records, I dont have an issue with it.

My Styling work for Laura Ashley, Waihi beach, New-Zealand 1 (C) Karine Köng

Mila for Laura Ashley

Just before Christmas, Laura Ashley contacted me to take part into their new campaign challenge “15 uses for a throw“. As we were about to leave for New-Zealand to spend time with family and I had very little time left, I packed the beautiful throw I received and took it to the Coromandel Peninsula (a beautiful part of New-Zealand on the north island).

Life with Mila | The S.E.X.

I haven’t done a post on Life with Mila since this one when we went to France to say goodbye to my grandmother. It was a sad time but reading Mila’s words made me burst out laughing again. Here is another one that will make me laugh for a long time…Mila: “…my friend Magdalena is crazy. Lily said that no-one could be as crazy as she is”Me: “why is she crazy?”Mila: “She says she knows about S.E.X.”Me: “About what?” (the look on Mila’s face just spelling it out was priceless)Mila: “S.E.X.!”Me: “What is this? Tell me…”Mila:“Well you should know, you are a grown-up….”Me: “Umm…yeah maybe but I’m not sure, tell me what Magdalena told you”Mila: “No I can’t and anyway you know, you had me, so you should know…You know it’s when a boy and a girl do ummmm” (pressing her two hands like two people kissing like crazy).Me: “Well..I had you 8 years ago so it’s a long time, I forgot about it :-)”Steve: “Come on, tell us…”Mila: “OK, give me £10 and I tell …

Mila’s 8 years-old Birthday party

(C) Photography: Michelle Marshall If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we had a fun but busy Saturday (…and Sunday) celebrating Mila’s birthday with 5 of her friends staying for a sleepover.  To be honest, it wasn’t as hard work as some of her parties we had in the past with 12 excited, screaming kids. At 8, the girls pretty much entertain themselves and they were all very sweet and got along nicely together but by the time, I had prepared 5 dishes, had a nice BBQ and a fair amount of wine, I was done ;-)  Kids Party – 5.30pm kick off – Games for everyone to get to know each other & have fun (musical chairs, pass the parcel, musical statues) – Paint your own t-shirt (my favourite part): I like doing things that are going to stimulate the kids’ mind and creativity so this was perfect! Following my post on this little creative project last March, I downloaded a few patterns for the girls to use while Steve got some fabric paint from an art …

Happy Mother’s Day | Life with Mila

I gave my old iPod to Mila so she can use it at home on wi-fi. It’s hilarious and priceless to read the emails between her cousin Lily in Paris and herself… Here is one I got yesterday morning when she was upstairs in our bedroom with her dad and I was downstairs in the kitchen :-)Mila: “Do the panckas*”Me: “Bring your little bum down here! :-)”I could hear laughing when she read my answer. Today is Mothering Day in the UK so I wish you a wonderful Sunday with your family. It’s my 8th Mother’s Day and i cant think of a better thing to celebrate. have a great day.*pancakes for those who didn’t get it.