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How to make your own fall wreath

10 evergreens for your Xmas wreath that will last longer

Armed with my Orla Kiely secateurs and a pair of gumboots, I went for a walk in the forrest near our home over the weekend to cut some branches and make my first wreath of the season. In just half an hour, I was delighted with the amount of green beauties I managed to find, so I decided to make my first wreath, using only things I had cut myself as a celebration of what Nature has to offer, rather than things bought from the Florist.As you may have seen on Instagram stories on Saturday, it was a messy but fairly easy job and I was pleased with the result. However, between taking Mila‘s to her skate and surf lessons and our wounded chicken to the vet, I totally forgot how warm our home is and since then, my beautiful Forrest wreath has dropped a lots of needles. It is now obvious that it’s not going to last until Christmas so I will make a new one on my return from London. In the meantime, if you haven’t …

DETAILS | Pretty writing on a wall

I had this image bookmarked for a very long time… I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do in our home in London which has now three floors + the loft conversion (part 2 here) but I never got around to do it. You can find this in the Wiesler Hotel in the Centre of Graz, Austria. Probably one city I will never visit but the hotel rebranded by Moodley looks pretty amazing so if you’re planning a trip there, here is a nice place for you to stay or have lunch. 1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

Little creative project: Using plywood as a canvas

Little creative project: Creating art with plywood

It’s not secret that I love plywood. These 12 inspiring kitchens are proofs that beautiful things could be achieved with this inexpensive material and I really like how Steve’s office turned out in the tree house with plywood walls. This photo caught my eye because I thought using a piece of plywood was a great and inexpensive little creative project. What do you think? Do you love plywood or hate it? //Photography: Anders Bergstedt

how to make your own linen spray. Here is a very simple & easy recipe. Check it out

How to make your own linen spray

Since we added these soft stonewashed linens to collection in the shop, I have, little by little, replaced all our cotton beddings by stonewashed linen, which admittedly is an investment but it also goes with my objective to have less clutter in our home. So I have now less duvet covers that we used to, but the ones I have, are ones that I really love. So here is a little creative project (really quick and easy), for you to make your own linen spray so that your bed linen, be it stonewashed linen or cotton, smells wonderful.

Loving how uplifting this Tropical party is. Read on

A fabulous tropical themed party

Uplifting and cheerful, this tropical themed party is definitively one to bookmark…

Christmas styling tips 01 | decorating with washi tapes.


I constantly used washi tapes at home to create mood boards and at work when I style shots. As mentioned in this post, unlike blue tack, masking tapes don’t stain your walls so they are perfect if you are renting or flat-sharing. Since Christmas is around the corner, I have done a round-up of the best things I’ve seen to inspire you and the great thing is that you can also get the kids involved.

BODIE and FOU Creative Challenge: Are you in?

This image has inspired me for a long time… and dipping our natural basket into white paint has been on my list of Little Creative Projects too for a while so I’m going to take a couple to France to try this out.In the meantime, I thought it would be great fun to do a little, creative challenge together. Are you in? To participate:1/ Just do something creative, inspiring and beautiful with your natural basket …paint it, style it, revamp it, whatever inspires you…2/ Then post your image on Instagram with hashtag #bodieandfouchallenge so I can see them while I’m away in France3/ Email me a photo at When I’m back, we will select 5 winners and not only we will refund the winners the cost of the basket (providing you bought it from us, of course!) but we will also send you the print of your choice from the BODIE and FOU Collection.Competition will end on 31/07/2014 to give ou plenty of time to do something really nice// Photography: Via Credits: TBCSharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s …

3 ways to update a kitchen cupboard at very little cost

3 ways to create an inspiring cupboard for your kitchen

It has been raining for the past two days so while we are staying in our home in France, I have been keeping myself busy doing creative things like getting the girls to paint this log in white, taking new photos of the house and creating a blue moodboard on my kitchen cupboard to freshen up the look below. If you love a bit of DIY, here are three easy ways to create an inspiring and striking cupboard for your kitchen for very little cost… 1/ For a summery feel I sourced this cupboard from a second-hand shop and paid around 20 euros. I gave it a new lease of life by painting the outside white and the inside blue grey. To add a summery feel, I used inspiring blue & white images from my favourite decoration magazines and create a happy, summer holidays mood board. Each time we open the cupboard now, we are welcome by this uplifting burst of colours in different shades of blue. 2/ For an industrial feel  Vintage metal cabinets can be found on E-bay if you …