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A bit of inspiration for the weekend… I’m in love these felt shades that were custom-made by i29 for this project. Isn’t this duo gorgeous? We have friends staying with us this weekend so it will be two days filled with good food, good wine, laughter, trips to the skatepark with the kids, eating oysters and chilling out around Steve’s BBQ wrapped in super soft jumpers. What are you up? 1. | 2. |3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

WHITES 12 | 2015 inspiration More on

WHITES 12 | 2015

A few more weeks to enjoy the last days of Summer in pretty white dresses, doing yoga on the beach first thing in the morning before tackling work, taking bookings in our house in France for an Indian summer while working on our Autumn Winter collection and Xmas. Enjoy while it lasts… 1. This dress reminds me of this one 2. Norm 69 3. Universal Blueprint 4. look of smart

WHITES 11 | 2015 inspiration More on

WHITES 11 | 2015

And just like that, a crappy day turns into a wonderful one… The weather is really beautiful in France but I got up feeling down by the perspective of flying back to London tonight and leave Steve and Mila behind. I should be used to it by now, I have been travelling between London and Bordeaux quite a few times this year but nope! It really doesn’t get easier and I can’t wait for this school year to be over and us to be together again. On the plus side, I just found out that the French Air traffic controllers are on strike and my flight has been cancelled which means that I get to spend 4 more days with my little family and that, my friends, has cheered me up big time! //1. Yaya | 2. The White Company | 3. Via | 4. linen t-shirt from Hush


Earlier this year, I started this new series on the blog which I have really enjoyed.The truth is…I have absolutely no idea if it does anything for you but it’s one of my favourites!I find very soothing and calming so I thought I would do a little retrospective since I’ve done 10 of them…WHITE 10 WHITE 09 WHITES 08 WHITES 07 WHITES 06 WHITES 05 WHITES 04 WHITES 03 And I won’t show you WHITES 02 and WHITES 01 because I have absolutely no idea where they are ha ha ha! Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

WHITES 10 | 2014

A few lovely & inspiring links for you…beautiful photos by Eline Visscher, this to make you smile, a glimpse of our loft conversion now finished (Instagram #bodieandfourenovations), and this clothes rail that I’m really looking forward to receiving.  Soon we will get out home back and it feels good. Check out WHITES 09, WHITES 07, WHITES 06, WHITES 05…// 1. Photography by Eline Visscher 2. via 3. via Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

WHITES 09 | 2014

Mila’s room is now painted and today we will start moving things upstairs…I’m super excited! You can follow our home renovations on Instagram #bodieandfourenovationsBut first thing first! Bike ride to chiswick to have breakfast. Have a fab day! You may love WHITES 07, WHITES 06, WHITES 05…1. White ceramic bowls 2. Bike Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

WHITES 08 | 2014

I’m seriously craving for some sun & beach time, aren’t you? 1. Obessive Collectors | 2. Photography Margaux Roy | 3. Quote The windows of our loft conversion were fitted yesterday and…WOW! It looks better than I expected. The light and feel in this room are just amazing.Who knew what heliophilia meant!? Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

WHITES 07 | 2014

Given the current state of our home, I’m glad I started decluttering our home before the renovations but… I almost wish I had started 12 months ago…We had to clear the whole of the second floor and fit the content in the rooms below and I never consider myself a hoader but wow…its amazing how much you can fit in cupboards!Let’s say that our home is far from looking like this at the moment and I will aim to list more things here over the weekend.The good thing is that our kiwi builders are doing an amazing job which is a relief and I’m starting to really enjoy the whole clearing out process…I’m very much looking forward to a clean slate, a new wardrobe and a new, white home. What are you up this weekend? I’m taking Mila to her first singing lesson :-) Not that we expect her to be the next Katy Perry but it’s something she is really keen to do and we think it’s a good way to give her the confidence to speak out …