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Weekend inspiration mood board

grey mood board

A bit of inspiration for the weekend… I’m in love these felt shades that were custom-made by i29 for this project. Isn’t this duo gorgeous? We have friends staying with us this weekend so it will be two days filled with good food, good wine, laughter, trips to the skatepark with the kids, eating oysters and chilling out around Steve’s BBQ wrapped in super soft jumpers. What are you up? 1. | 2. |3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

WHITES 12 | 2015 inspiration More on

WHITES 12 | 2015

A few more weeks to enjoy the last days of Summer in pretty white dresses, doing yoga on the beach first thing in the morning before tackling work, taking bookings in our house in France for an Indian summer while working on our Autumn Winter collection and Xmas. Enjoy while it lasts… 1. This dress reminds me of this one 2. Norm 69 3. Universal Blueprint 4. look of smart

WHITES 11 | 2015 inspiration More on

WHITES 11 | 2015

And just like that, a crappy day turns into a wonderful one… The weather is really beautiful in France but I got up feeling down by the perspective of flying back to London tonight and leave Steve and Mila behind. I should be used to it by now, I have been travelling between London and Bordeaux quite a few times this year but nope! It really doesn’t get easier and I can’t wait for this school year to be over and us to be together again. On the plus side, I just found out that the French Air traffic controllers are on strike and my flight has been cancelled which means that I get to spend 4 more days with my little family and that, my friends, has cheered me up big time! //1. Yaya | 2. The White Company | 3. Via | 4. linen t-shirt from Hush

Happy thoughts for the weekend

MT masking tapes | Clip on light | Paris map print | Plexiglas picture frame | Hanging slate heart |  Mima Le Chat print | Rabbit lamp | What are you up to this weekend? Tonight, we are off to a dinner party at my friend’s place. Emma is Swedish, gorgeous, has three beautiful girls, a full time job and still manage to run on a weekly basis. Each time I see her, I feel inspired!Mila will stay there for a sleepover. I don’t know if it is a city thing, because I don’t remember having so many playdates and sleepovers when I was young, growing up in the countryside but I think it’s great for the girls to have so many playdates and sleepovers. It can only improve their social skills and independence.My brother is now back in London so on Saturday, we are going to do some photos together on Saturday. I’m very excited because our last shoot together was for the catalogue this Summer when we shot this workspace.And now that the …

Inspiring moodboard

Nadine, a customer from Sweden recently sent us a very complimentary email about BODIE and FOU, how much she loved the workspace section from our catalogue, how much she loved her Girls Fashion Style book by Paumes and how much she was driving her husband crazy with all her ideas. Now I can relate to this because I do the same with Steve but girls… it pays off to keep throwing ideas at them because eventually they rub on them. When you will see soon what we are doing to our entrance door, you’ll understand that my ‘All Blacks’ supporter has come a long way! Nadine sent us also this gorgeous moodboard and the pink cross she made (left bottom corner) with our cosmos pink masking tape. Isn’t this gorgeous!? I absolutely love it. Please send me more moodboards like this everyone! This wasn’t it.  Nadine also sent me a very personal message expressing how much she believed big and great things would happen to me with B&F, how the business was going to grow, …