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Natural bedroom styling in France. Read on

Natural bedroom styling in France

A few weeks ago, I updated the styling of one of the bedrooms in this holidays home which you can rent via Airbnb. Bearing in mind that the house is for sale and I can’t give it too much of a strong identity so everyone visiting it, can project their own style, I have decided to leave the walls white and add small styling touches to create a happy vibe. This was an inexpensive styling job (only about 15 euros for the stretched canvas), a few tear sheets, my BE HAPPY print, some family photos and quotes found on Pinterest.

Black & white styling by

Black & white styling from the Makelight workshop

On Saturday, I attended a photography workshop run by Emily Quinton and what a treat it was. I have meant to pick up my camera again for sometimes now but I was quite disappointed by the course I took last year at the London School of Photography and being too busy with the shop I put it off for another year. Emily’s workshop was fantastic and was exactly what I needed to go back on the horse. It was in a lovely studio filled with natural light and she made everybody feel at ease. She talked us through her experience as a wedding Photographer and then about composition, where to find inspiration, styling and then onto the technical part and then how to edit our pictures and share them via social media. It was a very pleasant way of spending the day with some lovely people and I came out of it, excited to be friend with my camera again but most importantly with all my questions answered. I’m looking forward to attending her level 2 workshop. Emily has …

My Styling work for Laura Ashley, Waihi beach, New-Zealand 1 (C) Karine Köng

Mila for Laura Ashley

Just before Christmas, Laura Ashley contacted me to take part into their new campaign challenge “15 uses for a throw“. As we were about to leave for New-Zealand to spend time with family and I had very little time left, I packed the beautiful throw I received and took it to the Coromandel Peninsula (a beautiful part of New-Zealand on the north island).

COMING SOON! The BODIE and FOU Christmas catalogue

I’m so excited to finally share the front and back  covers of our beautiful Christmas catalogue!It has been quite an adventure to get this front shot done and get all the stock arriving in time for our shoot.  At some point, I had to come up with a plan B…then a plan C…then everything turned up at the same time and we went back to plan A (I credit Bikram yoga & wine for keeping me fairly sane during these past few weeks) but I’m happy.  I’m in love with this Z1 pendant light by Nelson Sepuvelda, who is also the Creative Director behind this beautiful collection of ceramics (displayed on the table) and I loved it so much that I wanted to make it the key piece of our Christmas Home collection.It’s a lamp that exudes style, lightness and was just perfect for the effortless chic, stylish Christmas I had in mind. The two white chairs are the Knot chair (another beautiful piece which we recently supplied to The Hospital Club), the black & …

BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue D-7

Next Friday, our new catalogue will land on our UK customers doorsteps and I can’t wait to hear your reactions. I genuinely think it’s our best ever! In the past, I had to let go of things because we didn’t have the time or budget to shoot things the way I had envisioned them and that’s ok. It didn’t stop us from winning an amazing ECMOD Award last year with our first catalogue.But when it comes to BODIE and FOU, I’m a perfectionist and I know it can be better, I knew we could be better and I’m really proud to say that this ONE is our best catalogue ever so a big thanks to my team: Sophie, Doryan, Francois and Nicky who designed it for us this year.There isn’t a single spread I don’t like and I deliberately kept some pages and styling under wrap because I want you to be happily surprised with it.SO… If you live in the UK If you’ve received our catalogue in the past and haven’t moved, then you will …

Latest styling job | B&W workspace

First of all, a BIG thank you for all your messages and chats on Twitter and Instagram when I was ill these last few days. Being sick is incredibly boring and it was a lot more entertaining to chat to some of you rather than be alone in bed (there is so much TV one can watch in one day!). I’m still not 100% and woke up last night at 3am, then 5am and 6am so I doubt I’ll be very alert today but I’ll try. The second image is the one I initially styled for the workspace spread of our new SS/2013 catalogue (out next Friday) to show you how you can create a nice, inspiring monochrome home office easily (see get the look below).In the end we didn’t use it. I wanted our new catalogue to be even more beautiful and inspiring than the previous ones and this shot didn’t have enough of a WOW factor for me.I felt it was again a monochrome theme like the one I had styled for the previous catalogue (photo 3) …

Latest styling work | Birthday girl | Bikram Yoga

I’m really pleased to say that our SS/2013 catalogue is almost finished. The files are going to the printer  on Tuesday evening and if you have requested a copy or receive the previous issues in the past, our gorgeous catalogue will land on your doorstep on 19/04/2014. To be honest, I think this is our best catalogue EVER!  I don’t say this lightly because when it comes to BODIE and FOU, I’m a perfectionist but out of all the catalogues we’ve produced including our first one which received an ECMOD Award, this is my favourite! There isn’t a spread (double-page) I don’t like and I’m hugely proud of what our team has achieved with that baby! The photos above are from the //NATURALS collection I styled and photographed with  Francois. I don’t know if you remember but after losing my two beloved grand-mothers in a very short time at the end of last year, this year, the only thing I wanted was for life in general to be more gentle and kind to everyone and I really …

Sneak-peek of our catalogue: White Xmas spread

We just received the first copies of our Autumn catalogue* which is being mailed to customers on Friday. It’s always quite something for Soph’ and I to see months of hard work finally in a print form. The White Christmas double page (the spread as we call it) below is a new format we introduced to reflect our love for mood boards, masking tapes and Pinterest but also to put together a lovely and unique selection of gorgeous and unsual gifts for everyone.My top 4 favourites under £30 are– the white tealight holder: £15 each– the decorative star: £15 each– the handmade Star garland: £20– and the set of ceramic polar bears which looks really cute in a kids bedroom: £28Also our lovely ceramic white owl is now back in stock *Request a copy HERE