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The Gaivota rocking chair

The Gaivota rocking chair

Since Mila was not in the mood for modelling, I asked Lucas, our Australian Shepherd to model next to the Gaivota rocking chair and with a few treats from Pooch and Mutt, he kindly obliged :-) Designed by Renaud Bonzon, the Gaivota rocking chair, is one of the most rewarded pieces of furniture in Brazil and was selected in 1990 to represent Brazil at the Biennial of Design in São Paulo. Very comfortable, the Gaivota rocking chair is appreciated for its ergonomics and perfect proportions. The curved forms of both seat and back were defined by Reno Bonzon, after he sat in deep snow during a stay in French Alps and noticed his body print. Keeping ergonomics in mind, Reno wanted to reproduce this confortable form and paid special attention to both dimensions and balance, making the Gaivota rocking chair very confortable whatever the size of the person may be. For the sake of environment, Bonzon chose plywood to make the chair but the manufacturing process also allowed him to create large curves which he took advantages from, and introduced movement in …

Looking for inspiring ideas? Here is a sneak-peek of our Autumn catalogue

One week to go and we wil receive the first copies of new Autumn catalogue…I’m super excited! It has been a mammoth job for our team between the new site, the new collection and the Christmas catalogue which is bigger than our Summer one but everything looks amazing! One of my favourite spread is the WOOD+COPPER+LINEN shot by Francois which I styled. OK I admit I’m totally biased given that everything we put in our collection are things we love but this beautiful washed linen collection just makes my heart beat a bit faster. When we shot the cover of our Summer catalogue, I couldn’t resist and treated myself with the blue grey duvet cover and since then added the pure white duvet cover. Elodie bought the soft grey duvet cover which she mixed with white pillow cases – Gorgeous! And the more I stare at the new mustard duvet cover, the more I want it, who is with me on this!? :-) Make sure you request a copy of our catalogue HERE The gorgeous handmade star garland can be found here

Styling from the weekend: Paulistano chair love

I have the chance to have two of these beauties at home, the Whisky Paulistano with the stainless-steel frame and the White Paulistano with the black iron frame. It’s by far my favourite piece of design. I can’t tell you how much I love the lines of this chair…. The frame is made of a continuous 17-foot single bended steel bar (shaped under 200 lbs of hydraulic pressure over 24 hours) and then welded in a single spot and it looks simple and beautiful and for something that was designed in 1957 for The Athletic Club of São Paulo, it has not aged at all.Last week, Francois and I shot several Paulistano chairs including this shot below which was taken in  a beautiful family home in West London but could have well be taken in a home in Paris… don’t you think it has a gorgeous French vibe?The new UP poster by Fine Little Day on the wall is available from here and the Milk lamp from here. Photography: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

Styling from the weekend

Francois and I spent a few hours shooting products we had recently received and I have to say it was 3 enjoyable hours which ended with a kiwi BBQ!We are getting better and faster and this linen collection is just amazing. It is so soft and has a such a nice feel and texture to it, it is a pleasure to sleep in it and work with it!I really enjoyed styling this more masculine shot for our new dark grey duvet cover, using Steve’s boots, an old apple crate, the Typed Love print and the New-Zealand Type map print.Sadly our supplier is stopping the vintage pink series so once what we have left in stock is gone, we won’t be able to re-order them, which is a shame.I also love the first photo very much because it includes 3 of my favourite things from our collection:– the Urbanears Plattan headphones which I strongly recommend – great sound, great design and perfect for running (as in..they stay on your head!)– the blue grey linen scarf + this NEW linen scarf in soft pink we posted on Facebook …

Such an inspiring feedback….

This is the message I found in my in-box this morning: “When everybody boast about Merci, I really think BODIE and FOU is a much greater achievement. It’s inspirational, efficient and generous. I try to find something to criticize because critics are more useful than compliments but at the moment I can’t see any. Keep going on Karine !  Your blog and your e-shop are a great source of presents and ideas. And your daily life is always shared with elegance. I must admit I am sometimes surprised by how much Anne and I share some taste and lifestyle habits with you (grey wall for a little girl room, fondness for Bill Granger,….) One thing is sure if you ever come near Lyon tell us !“ So well…. THANK YOU!!!!!  I was trying hard to think if I knew this person if we had met but I don’t think I did so it makes it even more important to me. 

Styling from Amsterdam…

After chatting until 1 am with Desiree and drinking wine, I got up this morning feeling a tiny bit tired but it was so great to catch up with Desiree and talked endlessly about interior design, styling and other creative things. This morning, I styled a few things I had brought with me from our collection. Desiree has really a gorgeous place that she styled beautifully. Wherever you look, there is an inspiring corner, little mood boards made with masking tapes. Her sense of style is very strong and she has created an amazing space with beautiful volumes and lots of natural light. Don’t you love this gorgeous clothes rail that she designed and got made by a local tradesman? I think it is beautiful! I have more photos to take this afternoon but here is a sneak-peek of the shots I did for the Do What You Think Is Right print and a gorgeous leather bag that goes nicely with my new white jacket from Zara…very Bianca Jagger in the 70s, don’t you think? Have a great weekend


Here is one of the shots I styled over the weekend featuring the Feathers print and the beautiful Cluster light by Kathleen Hills, I have in my bedroom. (C) François Kong Styling: Karine Kong