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Bohemian luxury on the island of Mykonos

Bohemian luxury on the island of Mykonos

Dreaming of Summer by the beach? Let me take you to Mykonos…you won’t regret it!

Natural styling by Paulina Arcklin

Today I love…

Hello everyone! How are you today? I have a question for you….As it has been no-man’s land (i.e. hardly anyone commenting) since this post (hint hint), it’s difficult to know if my latest blog posts have been of interest to you :-) I mentioned this before but while analytics are a good tool, ultimately the thing I care the most about is connecting with you guys and knowing which blog posts/content/topic is of interest to you so I can keep writing things you are interested in reading about. Maybe you missed out on this article which admittedly was long but very interesting or yesterday’s interview, which is a fascinating read. Kate and Nicole kindly explained to me why they were commenting on Instagram rather than here on the blog after reading the post but if you could once in a while leave some feedback, that would be fab! Back to today’s post… I really love this natural styling which reminds me of our trip in Portugal. It’s very soothing don’t you think?  Little by little, I’m changing the decoration in our holidays home …

HOUSE TOUR: A really beautiful italian home with natural accents

A beautiful italian home with natural accents

I really love all the natural accents in this home and especially this version of the Lama chair from Zanotta.  I had this image in my Pinterest board for ages. So today, let me show you the rest of this beautiful Italian home with natural accents which exudes Summer holidays and let’s imagine just for a few minutes, that we can all spend a bit of time there enjoying nice Italian food and lovely Italian weather…. Are you with me on this?

Today I love...this inspiring styling which blends beautifully textures, B&W photography and industrial furniture. Read on

Today I love…

  First of all, I’m loving this Bank Holiday Monday, don’t you!? We went for a bike ride early this morning to grab breakfast at Artisan, a really nice café in Stamford Brook that François and I shot a couple of years ago for The Simple Things magazine. I’m now sitting on my bed, admiring the view and working on my impeding interior design project in France while answering booking enquiries about this house (this one has only one week left available in August).

How to create an effortless, stylish, natural look at home. More inspo at

How to achieve an effortless, natural look at home

Last Friday, my friend Mandy and I had a good laugh because our respective businesses (hers is Hush Homewear and for those who don’t know this, mine is BODIE and FOU) were built on the back of great style, French chic, Australian laid-back style and relaxed vibes and our girls, being pre-teens, have sometimes, gone on the opposite side of spectrum with pink leggings and mismatched outfits. When she went to France for the school year, I let Mila decorate her bedroom in our home there but a snapshot of her bedroom with mismatched cushions, colours & patterns on her Instagram, freaked me out (don’t look for it, I have deleted the photo hahaha). The good news is that we are finally turning a corner and since she saw her cousin’s bedroom in Paris (which is almost a BODIE and FOU showroom), she has decided she wants the same look and hallelulia to that! So if you have kids who loves spreading Lego or a boisterous dog with long hair like ours, breathe… there is a light at the end of the tunnel and here are …

5 minimalist, stylish dining tables. Read on >>

5 minimalist, stylish dining tables

I love having friends around for diner but as I also work regularly from home, I love a large dining table that can double-up as a nice, minimalist desk when I need to spread myself. In our home in London, we have the slice table which is made of oak and gives our lounge a beautiful Scandinavian vibe. I was convinced I had shared with you pictures of our new lounge with the resin floor after the renovations but I haven’t so I will post some photos later on this week. When it comes to the soft industrial look, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Vipp table which has a tabletop made of untreated, recycled planks making each table unique. The only downside is that this beauty will set you back £2899. Way more affordable and very similar in style is the Form table (sample available at 20% OFF here).

4 tips to create a serene, natural look at home

One look that I love at home is the natural look (you can follow my Pinterest board here), which I find not only calming and soothing but very beautiful and in harmony with what Nature has to offer so here are my four tips to create a serene, natural look in your home…


I wanted to show you these throws in beautiful muted colours but first, I have a question for you… Does it bother you when I blog about new products we have in the shop? I’m asking this because I initially started blogging 7 years ago to… promote the shop but very quickly my blog became something else…Suddenly it became this kind of creative outlet where I had compulsively share the things that I found beautiful and that inspired me.My mum always told me “keep your life private”, “don’t mix business and pleasure”, “don’t share your life with people you don’t know…”, “keep your distance with staff” (this last one makes me cringe!)…well obviously I didn’t listen to any of that and I’m cool with it.If I had listened to everything people said to me, I don’t think I would have achieved half of the things I did, let alone started my buisness. Sometimes, you have to follow your own guts and go with YOUR flow.Back to the subject of my question, I’m asking this because after 9 …