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They are back…

Our beautiful natural baskets are back in stock and I can finally breathe…We had a huge amount of pre-orders for this basket (which is amazing!) but our supplier postponed the initial delivery date several times (less amazing suddenly) and I was starting getting a bit stressed out.But everyone has been absolutely amazing considering the delay so thank you very much.It’s never an ideal situation when stock delivery gets pushed back but its worse when it’s for a product in high-demand so I’m glad/relieved/happy that they are back.We’ve also received this fabulous notebook (limited edition). I picked up mine at Design Junction a few weeks ago to jot down ideas for my new collection and thought they were so cool that I decided to add them to our collection.We start styling & shooting our new AW/2013 collection next week (super excited!) and will put a few sneak-peeks on Instagram so come and say hello…BisesLEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Hydrangeas, baskets and the work of Emily Quiton, Photographer

When I was on holidays in France last week, I saw a really beautiful photo of our natural basket filled with Hydrangeas, in my Instagram feed.  I love Hydrangeas. My mum has some bright pink ones in her garden in France which look vibrant and beautiful and I think it is a very poetic and feminine flower, don’t you think? Those gorgeous images were taken by Emily Quinton, an Award-Winning Photographer and you can see more of these beauties on her blog: Start-up Wife. Emily also runs Floral Friday –  a weekly celebration of floral creativity on Instagram. Check it out, there are some really beautiful photos and some very talented people out there. Today is DAY-2 in Paris and Francois and I are shooting a beautiful, vegetarian cafe for The Simple Things magazine but if you can, try to get issue 14 (out now) which features Artisan and issue 15 (out soon), which will have the cafe we shot in Brooklyn. Have a great Sunday (the natural baskets are back in stock very soon!) LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!