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Kitchen renovations update

Kitchen renovations update

I know I owe you a full-length post on our kitchen renovations but for those who followed our adventures on Instagram, dealing with the Swedish giant hasn’t been plain sailing. Besides the 5 weeks delay, they also managed to deliver seven kitchen doors with the wrong finish. Mistake that we sadly noticed only when the doors were fitted and the protective film was off. An expensive mistake that costs me 200 euros to get the guy back to take down the wrong doors and fit the right ones. Sadly, I’m pretty sure that it is not something that IKEA will refund, despite the fact that the mistake was made by their kitchen planner at the time of my order… On the plus side, I absolutely LOVE our kitchen. It’s becoming my personal laboratory to create and test new smoothies and green juices recipes. Soon, I’m hoping to tackle protein balls so if you have any great recipes, please share!! The new layout works perfectly for us. Steve and I can be both in the kitchen without being on …

Our minimalist, beachy hallway makeover

BEFORE & AFTER: Our minimalist, beachy hallway makeover

I’m excited to finally show you some of the renovations I started in our home in France before our Summer holidays. As some of you know, our holidays home became our main residence when we relocated to the beach in France after twenty-three years in London. When we bought the house about twelve years ago, it was really in a sorry state. Yet, both of us could see the potential of the house which had a good layout and came with a 2175 m2 private garden. For Steve, who grew up on a farm in New-Zealand with a lot of space, the garden was everything. To this day, the outdoor space we have is one of the things I appreciate the most (that and living close to the beach!). Since it was 12 years since we renovated the house, it was time to freshen up a few corners… THE BRIEF: Turn our entrance and hallway into a welcoming, summery space with a beachy feel, Add storage to put away things we use often, Make it easy to clean THE …

Our home renovations Part 1

These past few months, I mentioned several times that we were planning to renovate the bathroom which is a real eye-sore (you will see that I wasn’t joking in a few weeks). Unfortunately, we also had water damages just before last Summer. As we needed to take off the oak floorboards Steve and I had painfully glued twelve years ago, I thought it was time to make a few design changes to make the kitchen work better for us. So today, I’m going to take you through the first steps of this renovation project, what they involve and the mistakes I feel I made when I designed our kitchen twelve years ago. There will be also a small section about the renovations of our hallway which took place a few days later. THE KITCHEN RENOVATIONS Our previous kitchen was a single counter running against the wall and fitted with a SMEG hob, a SMEG oven and a dishwasher. The fridge was a large American stand-alone fridge (very similar to this one). We also had a vintage …

How to create a mood board for your home in 3 steps

How to create a mood board for your home in 3 steps

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Creating a mood board is one of the most exciting steps when re-designing or refurbishing a room. If you’ve gone through major renovations before, you know that while it is a creative project to start with, it can also be stressful as you rely on other people/tradesmen for the project to come together and one thing you can’t control is what others will do. We always hope to work with tradesmen who are professional, conscientious and who will deliver on time but sadly, it is not always the case. The trickiest thing is finding reliable and available tradesmen that can do the job on time and within budget AND nurture the relationships while they work for you (in case you need them in the future)…but let’s focus on the fun part of a project ;-) Why should you aim to create a mood board? A mood board is a great way to show your tradesmen what your vision is for the room rather than emailing them thousands of pictures from Pinterest. It will give you a better sense of …

Our bedroom update with natural accents

Our bedroom update with natural accents

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As you may have seen from the “Renovations highlights” on my Instagram profile, I’m currently working on the re-decoration of our home in France. The renovations will include four bedrooms & hallway makeovers, the complete refurbishments of the bathroom and kitchen and the creation of an outdoor shower so let’s start with a look at our master bedroom… Our bedroom: from a place to sleep to a place to really relax and wind down After ten years of having a beautiful feature wall in dark grey, I’m now planning on having a softer colour scheme to create a more relaxing, soothing atmosphere in sync with the beautiful beaches available around the Bay of Arcachon. To tell you the truth, the bedroom has never been a space of heaven for me in the past like it is for some people. It was mostly a place to sleep and I much preferred hanging out in the open-plan lounge or kitchen. Resting or remaining still was something I had always real trouble with until I sold …

Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and Kate

The Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and Kate

In what seems the longest Winter ever, I have decided to ignore the weather and focus on creating a Summery vibes in our home in France. As it happened, we received all our belongings from our home in London the day before I flew to London to work with Command Brand again. Facing the content of two houses fitting in one on my return, raised my stress level a bit but I’m slowly making my way through boxes and I’m planning to re-decorate the whole house one room at a time to accommodate the living requirements of our family. Spending two weeks in the house on holidays doesn’t require the same level of storage than living there the whole year. I’m also working from home now and so does Steve on Fridays so they are quite a few things we need to improve to make space work for us. The great thing is that I have received some of my favourite objects and furniture including my beloved Ghost sofa and this beautiful Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from awesome online …

Décoration chambre ado: un re-looking inspirant dans des tons doux et apaisants

Mila’s bedroom makeover

Teen’s bedroom makeovers are very gratifying and enjoyable. It is a great opportunity to do something creative with your child (even if you hire someone else to do it). They may even become house proud afterwards. That’s what happened with Mila. She now loves her bedroom so much that she really looks after it. She does her bed every morning, puts her clothes away in the evening and burns scented candles while doing her homework. Her bedroom is now the most welcoming, feel-good room in our home.   Following Mila’s desk makeover, which many of you loved (thank you!) I have now tackled the rest of her bedroom makeover. My goal was to ensure her bed would be warm, comfortable for wintertime while feeling a bit more luxurious. A few months ago, we installed double-glazing which has made our home a lot warmer, cosier and secure. A pricey but necessarily evil home improvement. However, unlike the other bedrooms in our home, Mila’s room is exposed north and sees the least amount of sun. Since Mila didn’t want to …

white stonewashed linen

In bed with white stonewashed linen

It has been a good week but I’m glad it’s the weekend… I put a few styling Xmas shots for clients to bed. I also got nominated again by Vuelio as UK Top Ten Interior Design Blogs (happy dance 1) and  Mila’s desk area makeover got featured on Babyccino (happy dance 2). This weekend will be all about stocking up on lemons for my seasonal detox (let me know if you have any questions about it), chilling out, surfing, re-charging my batteries ahead of next week. I’m planning to tackle Mila’s bed makeover and I’m hoping to be able to make her a new headboard out of plywood. For those interested, the light fitting is the Tolemeo by Artemide and our bed linen is the white King size from the Brisa collection by Made. I’m going to change them now as Plum just got sick on it while I was finishing off this blog post. What are you up to this weekend!?