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How to warm up an all-white interior

Adding natural touches in your home

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen (or not… thanks to Instagram’s new algorythm…) that a Photographer came to shoot our home in London last week. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the final look I put together or any beautiful images he shot as they have to be kept under wrap until the feature is out but I wanted to show you these beautiful and inexpensive natural wooden stools and a few other natural touches I added around our lounge. I brought similar versions but much smaller stools for our home in France after my first trip to Marrakech.  In fact, I was almost in tears when I came across these stools and these gorgeous baskets in the Souk the first time I visited Marrakech. I think if I had still the e-shop, I would have come back to the UK with a container full of beautiful things but as it happens,  I sold it in 2016 to focus on more creative projects like this blog and my portrait photography. The ones I brought back from Marrakech were …

Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home by Zakkia Homewares

Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home

When Mila, Lily and I got stranded in Singapore last June because there was only 6-months left on her passport to enter Bali, we stayed with my friend Sofia for a week until we received Mila’s New-Zealand passport. During that time, Sofia took me to a lovely home decoration shop in town and that’s where I discovered Zakkia Homewares. A Sydney-based studio founded by Swedish Sara Lundgren, which produces beautiful handcrafted objects to love and cherish for a lifetime. I fell hard for the two black ceramic pots (above on the right) and really pondered whether I should be backpacking for three weeks with ceramics in my bag. In the end, common sense prevailed (for once!) and I just took a picture of the brand to look it up later. Once back in Europe, I spent a lot more time on Zakkia Homewares website and when I found out that our home in London was being photographed to feature in a magazine, I immediately thought of them to complement the recent rugs I put in …

A few new things in our home to add warmth & textures

A few new things in our home to add warmth & textures

If you watched my stories yesterday, you probably saw the amount of brown boxes in my lounge. It was a mess and it freaked me out a little but our home is being photographed on Monday (and I will use this opportunity to promote my portrait photography). I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish styling the house properly. I always find that when you go through major renovations, you tend to be on top of things for 90% of them and by the time, the heavy work is done, you have no energy left to finish the remaining 10%, which is in fact the fun part. It was also a challenge to source everything in the UK when I was stuck in France but apart from a few things, it went pretty smoothly. As I mentionned in this article about adding textures to your home, I moved this lovely Berber rug to our bedroom and put a much larger and beautiful rug from a company called Larusi in our lounge. They have …

How to add textures and warmth to your home

How to add textures to your home

I’ve always loved the minimalist, relaxing look that exudes from our resin floor in our London home. However, since I’ve painted this wall with Kalklitir paint before Summer, I have been drawn to more intimate, muted colours, wooden furniture and handmade objects and of course, stonewashed linen in the bedrooms. I suspect this unpainted plaster wall is not going to get painted anytime soon and that’s ok… I love it just the way it is, with its small imperfections and soothing atmosphere. It’s also the start of Autumn and personally, I feel more inclined to stay at home where it’s warm and cosy rather than hitting the town on high heels in the cold, don’t you!?There are different ways of adding textures and warmth to your home but one that doesn’t fail is adding a rug, even a small one like this wool berber rug I got from Next a while ago but never got around to photograph. You can see here how the lounge looked before the addition of this small rug (especially here!) … I should have …

White bedroom + white floorboards

White bedroom + white floorboards

If you are in need of new bed linens, you may find this post useful.

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We are back in London for the weekend, catching up with friends, getting the house ready for new guests, soaking up the city’s wonderful vibes…and sadly temporary “escaping” more bad news.

White bedroom chez moi

Our white bedroom update

Here are a few quick and easy tips to update your bedroom like mine. As I mentioned here, I’m forcing myself to pick up my EOS camera again rather than using my iPhone and I have to say, it challenges me a great deal so today you will only get two pictures  :-)

My home in London. Read on

London calling

I’m heading back to London on Sunday for a styling job which I’m really excited about. Ideal Home magazine is also coming to photograph our kitchen and as my company BODIE and FOU is exhibiting our prints collection at Design Junction from 24th to 27th, I will be attending our stand there too (I hope to meet some of you there!) I was struggling to leave this place when the weather was nice but now that it’s pouring down rain, it’s getting a lot easier. Here is a random bunch of photos of our home I took with my iPhone 6 a few months ago (I have so many photos to go through, it’s insane!) but I’m looking forward to spend some time in this gorgeous space. I have missed that room. I’m so in love with the resin floor we added throughout the ground floor – still need to source some chairs though….I can’t wait to hang out in our beautiful tadelakt bathroom, potter around the kitchen, and finish decorating our bedroom too. It’s almost there but I have a …