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Styling by Karine Candice Kong, Founder of online concept store BODIE and FOU,


In January this year, I attended a great photography workshop run by my friend Emily Quinton, who incidentally released a great book on independent makers a few months ago. During the workshop, we had to style a shot so I gathered a few things borrowed from my fellow students and came up with the styling above. 

Behind-the-scene photoshoot with a Danish team

Yesterday, my home was photographed & styled by a Danish team…I was busy working on our new site in the kitchen so I let them get on with it. After 3 photoshoots in the space of a few weeks including my favourite in MILK Decoration, I wasn’t sure how different their shots could be from what we had seen before but the stylist was very good and they made some great photos.The photo on the wall next to the BAU pendant light (photo 2) is one of Mila taken by Francois (who has now a new website here). I will show later on the whole series we did around this gorgeous black tutu – it looks fabulous!The Monkey print is part of our AW 2012 collection and should arrive this week. If you haven’t requested a copy of our new catalogue, make sure you do it here.Have a great day!

Life with Mila…at breakfast

Yesterday morning, Steve got up at 6am to take Lucas for a walk. When Mila and I joined him an hour later for breakfast, he told us that Linda, our au-pair, came home at 6am. This is unusual as Linda often comes home around midnight after working in a pub nearby but last night, she was out partying. Mila’s reaction made me laugh…. Mila: “Oh WOW, she worked ALL Night!!”Aren’t kids just great to look at the world with a positive attitude and think the best of everything and everyone… :-)This is what François and I worked on last weekend.The second picture which shows the beautiful Rob Ryan plates better is likely to be on the back cover of our catalogue…{We have entered the fabulous MyDeco Independent Home Shop Award} Nominate BODIE and FOU as your favourite ever independent Home Shop and you could win £1000* to spend in our concept store on anything you like!  CLICK HERE to enter the competition. Photo: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

Errm…I’ve just be blown away

This week has been incredibly busy (SS/12 catalogue to finish), amazing (yes we got ‘an Oscar’ for our Christmas catalogue) and well a bit stressful but tonight one thing stopped me in my track.One thing literally blew me away and skyrocket my inspiration level and it was, Desiree‘s post for Ikea Family Life.Not only she is the Queen of raviolis – last time I stayed with her, I couldn’t get enough of her cooking – but I’m loving her styling and I’m very much look forward to staying again in her gorgeous home later on this year.And can I just say that I think the clipboards she painted in black are a genius idea!Have a wonderful evening, be blown away by these stunning images and most importantly be inspired….Batgirl art print from BODIE and FOU Cette semaine a été mega busy (le catalogue Printemps Eté a finir), dingue (oui nous avons remporté ‘un Oscar’ pour notre premier catalogue) et bon un peu stress mais ce soir, il y a un truc qui m’a arreté net dans ma lancée.Une truc qui m’a vraiment plu et inspiré …