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Styling by Karine Candice Kong, Founder of online concept store BODIE and FOU,


In January this year, I attended a great photography workshop run by my friend Emily Quinton, who incidentally released a great book on independent makers a few months ago. During the workshop, we had to style a shot so I gathered a few things borrowed from my fellow students and came up with the styling above. 

Life with Mila…at breakfast

Yesterday morning, Steve got up at 6am to take Lucas for a walk. When Mila and I joined him an hour later for breakfast, he told us that Linda, our au-pair, came home at 6am. This is unusual as Linda often comes home around midnight after working in a pub nearby but last night, she was out partying. Mila’s reaction made me laugh…. Mila: “Oh WOW, she worked ALL Night!!”Aren’t kids just great to look at the world with a positive attitude and think the best of everything and everyone… :-)This is what François and I worked on last weekend.The second picture which shows the beautiful Rob Ryan plates better is likely to be on the back cover of our catalogue…{We have entered the fabulous MyDeco Independent Home Shop Award} Nominate BODIE and FOU as your favourite ever independent Home Shop and you could win £1000* to spend in our concept store on anything you like!  CLICK HERE to enter the competition. Photo: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong