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My first photo exhibition (bucket list #15)

My first photo exhibition (bucket list #15)

My first photo exhibition is kicking off on Monday and as I’m sitting on my bed in a bedroom far from being finished and the rest of the house looking like a building site (see Instagram stories), wondering if our home will be ready by the 14th July when we have people staying over, I can’t help smiling. Doing a photo exhibition was on my bucket list but not before 4 or 5  years so when the city of La Ville de La Teste asked me to take part in their Summer exhibitions which feature numerous Artists from June to August, I got excited and then freaked out. In fact, during my meeting with the city’s Communication Director, which, funnily enough, was on International Women’s Day (how is that for an omen!?) my reaction was to say that I needed to think about it. What is there to think about!? you are going to tell me… Well, a few things like budget as the city takes care of the marketing and communication but production costs are …

Winter seaside mood board

Winter seaside mood board

Working on a Winter seaside mood board for an upcoming and exciting project…. I’m off to London this afternoon to finalise the styling of our home which is being photographed on Monday. I will stay there until Friday I think, to attend a few press shows and catch up with friends. However, on my return, I will need to kick off with a new project for The White Company which I’m really looking forward to doing and sharing with you. I have been a long-term customer of The White Co and a great admirer of Chrissie Rucker, who founded the business over 22 years ago (read their story). She was a major inspiration when I set up the BODIE and FOU concept store ten years ago. Besides the business side, The White Company is always the first company I check online when I need to get new white cotton bedding and soft, high-quality bathroom towels. Looking at their collection to work on my concept, gather together a few props and create this lovely mood board, I came across some really beautiful and …

Kid jumping on bed © Karine Kong Photography, All Rights Reserved.jpg

How to use Lightroom (and not be scared of it)

This year, I started using Lightroom, a software, which at first really scared me (that recurrent fear of the unknown!) but which in the end, became my friend. So this article is for you if you are a keen Photographer, if you are already using Lightroom or are planning to use it. These four tips will show you the benefits of using Lightroom without being scared of it…. For me, the biggest advantage of using Lightroom is that it allows you to file all your pictures by keywords, rating (1* to 5*) and create folders and collections within your massive catalogue to find a specific picture quickly, even if you don’t remember what month or year you took it. So for instance, if I tag this image of Mila above in Lightroom with keywords “Mila”, “tutu” and then create two mini collections with the same keywords, I will be able to see at a glance, all the pictures of Mila or tutus I’ve taken over the years. I can even narrow down my search and have all the …

Golden hour with Alice © Karine Kong Photography, All Rights Reserved

Golden Hour

Finally the weekend and a little blog post. I feel I haven’t written for ages but in fact, my last article was only five days ago. To be honest, last week, when Mila was competing in the French Championships, I was fighting a nasty bug, and this week, my energy level was so low that I didn’t have the strength to write long blog posts. However, I’ve started a cure of something with Ginseng, royal jelly and acerola (don’t ask me what it is, I have no clue). It’s the most disgusting thing to swallow first thing in the morning but it does seem to do the trick. While in Hossegor, I also did a photoshoot with a beautiful woman, mother of two. This has inspired me to finish editing a few other shoots I had done over Summer, like these behind-the-scenes shots for an Australian fashion label, and upload them onto my photography website. I also made a little video for my Facebook page if you care to follow it. I always feel guilty …

weekend: let's go surfing in VW beetle


I’ve always longed to own a vintage VW bettle, about you!? Well it has been a busy and tiring week going back & forth between home & Hossegor, while fighting a nasty bug that left me really tired and feverish. For those who follow me on Instagram and stories, nothing I had planned when according to plan but that’s OK. Mila was in Hossegor this week to take part in the surfing French Championships and to cut a long story short, she got 4th place on the podium which makes me hugely proud! I have to say she was disappointed with her second series which wasn’t as good as the first one but given she has only two months of bodyboard under her belt, I think it’s pretty cool and I will need to share with her, a few of my tips to focus on the positive ;-) So this wekeend, will be all about recharging our batteries, eating healthily (that part went out of the window when I got ill) and go for a long …

Kate Moss by Corinne Day

Kate Moss by Corinne Day

This iconic picture (below) of a young Kate Moss by British Fashion Photographer Corinne Day (1965-2010) is one of my favourites. It exudes an innocence, happiness and freedom that, as mother, you are hoping to see on your children faces as long as possible. In 1993, Day was commissioned by Alexandra Shulman to photographe Kate Moss for the June issue of the British edition of Vogue. She photographed the young model (19 at the time) in her flat with her then boyfriend, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti. For the story, Moss had an argument with her boyfriend just before the shoot and shows a vulnerability that contributed to making these images one of the most iconic of the 1990s. She also wears H&M lingerie (named Hennes at the time), which is rarely remembered or credited. The feature was aimed to be a lingerie fashion spread and, the editorial, “Under Exposed” caused a media scandal, with newspapers from the Daily Mail to The Independent claiming that the images were hideous, exploitative, verging on child pornography. Personally, these images don’t shock me. I …

Eat, Surf, Love in Bali (C) Karine Kong Photography

Eat, surf, love

I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently. Photography is becoming such a big part of my creative life, I was trying to figure out how to include in this blog.

Black & white portrait

Latest work

Hello from Bali… We are leaving Padang-Padang beach today and heading to Seminyak for a couple of days. The weather is fantastic, water clear and warm and we are having a good time. I just wanted to share with you my latest work and I would love it if you could follow my Instagram portrait page and Facebook page so more people can hear about my work. Have a great day