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Black & white portrait

Latest work

Hello from Bali… We are leaving Padang-Padang beach today and heading to Seminyak for a couple of days. The weather is fantastic, water clear and warm and we are having a good time. I just wanted to share with you my latest work and I would love it if you could follow my Instagram portrait page and Facebook page so more people can hear about my work. Have a great day

Teens photography

Teens photography

Today’s weather was amazing for February…18 degrees! We had all the windows opened in the house, had lunch outside on the deck and then I grabbed my camera and took the girls for a photoshoot at the skatepark. Here is a sneak peek of what we got up to until I get the time to edit all of them.

Wedding Photography by Chloé Lapeyssonnie in the Bay of Arcachon. Read on

Wedding photography by Chloé Lapeyssonnie

A few days ago I came across this wedding photo… Two things caught my attention…My “dream car” in the background (a Mehari!), often seen in my little corner of France and the bride showing off her knickers, which made me laugh and then I discovered

Styling by Karine Candice Kong, Founder of online concept store BODIE and FOU,


In January this year, I attended a great photography workshop run by my friend Emily Quinton, who incidentally released a great book on independent makers a few months ago. During the workshop, we had to style a shot so I gathered a few things borrowed from my fellow students and came up with the styling above. 

Black & white styling by

Black & white styling from the Makelight workshop

On Saturday, I attended a photography workshop run by Emily Quinton and what a treat it was. I have meant to pick up my camera again for sometimes now but I was quite disappointed by the course I took last year at the London School of Photography and being too busy with the shop I put it off for another year. Emily’s workshop was fantastic and was exactly what I needed to go back on the horse. It was in a lovely studio filled with natural light and she made everybody feel at ease. She talked us through her experience as a wedding Photographer and then about composition, where to find inspiration, styling and then onto the technical part and then how to edit our pictures and share them via social media. It was a very pleasant way of spending the day with some lovely people and I came out of it, excited to be friend with my camera again but most importantly with all my questions answered. I’m looking forward to attending her level 2 workshop. Emily has …

Life with Mila…never boring, always happy

I think/hope her bedroom (our loft conversion) will be finished this week.We had to do some photos over the weekend for Real Living Australia magazine and here are a few I took of Mila with my iphone when we were done. It’s a bit grainy but I love them. She has so much happy energy… Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

{Paris} Kids portrait exhibition by Michelle Marshall | Playtime Paris

Each year, Playtime Paris asked 4 artists to interpret a theme to be displayed during the show. This year, the theme was inspired by the arctic regions, explorers’ expeditions and the inuit tribes. Michelle Marshall, who you may be remember from her last venture, exhibited a stunning series of kids portraits swaddled in fur. Mila wears a head piece from Nixie Clothing which I’ve mentioned here.I have long admired the work of Michelle who has done campaigns for Sun Salt/Saltwalter, La Princesse au Petit Pois, and Chalk magazine. Trained as a Photographer at the University of Derby, French-born, north London based Michelle Marshall has always produced amazing photos of children and has a knack for capturing the magical realms of childhood and creating visual stories. You can view the full exhibition here. // Clothes and accessories were provided by Blackeyewear, Bobo Choses, Lucky Boy Sunday, Nixie Clothing, Óvitar by Gu∂run & Gu∂run, Pale Could, Play is Work, Shampoodle and Waddler Clothing. (C) Photography: Michelle Marshall | All Rights Reserved LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Kate Barry

I was half-kidding a couple of days that you don’t need to watch the news to find out what happens in the world, each time someone dies, my Facebook wall is filled by R.I.P. posts and this morning sadly, it was about Kate Barry.I loved her, in fact I love her whole family and I think it was one of these ‘famous’ family of artists who was very much loved because they were naturally ‘cool’, very talented and beautiful. I grew up listening to Serge Gainsbourg and naturally came to love the rest of his family. Jane was/still is a style icon, a sexy tomboy who numerous girls seek to emulate. I didn’t have the skinny, tall figure but I’ve always loved her style, a cool attitude and then there was Charlotte, a couple years younger than me and three years older than Elodie. Charlotte, like Vanessa Paradis were and still are my favourite style icons. I love the women they became and the artistic choices they made.Kate chose to build her life behind the …