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Yes to great adventures, leather jackets and road trip

Yes to great adventures, leather jackets & road trip

Great adventures were exactly what I thought six weeks ago…I was racking my brain to come up with meaningful new resolutions and started thinking about the things that made me really happy in 2016, which was quite a tough year. One thing that stood out, was our family trip to Grândola in Portugal last February when I picked up my camera again and never put it back ever since. Since Mila was off to 10 days in Morocco surfing with her club and she didn’t want us around, I suggested Steve we go back to Portugal. He liked the idea but wanted to take his bike down there so he suggested to drive down with the trailer. I couldn’t be asked to drive with the trailer in toe so I suggested to ride his bike. Family decision making = 5 minutes…we were off to Portugal. It’s always quite sunny in that little head of mine so I didn’t really think that it would be February and not quite the Summer temperatures I’m used to when I ride behind him but nevermind …

Travel Guide to Grândola, Portugal

Grandola, Portugal travel guide

I wasn’t planning to do a post on our week in Portugal as it was off-season and a lot of shops and restaurants were closed but it was such a beautiful area and I had such an amazing time rekindling with my old passion that I thought I would share a bit of our trip with you.

A week in Portugal. More photos on Instagram #bodieanfoutravelsPortugal

Have you rekindled with an old passion recently?

We are in Portugal this week during Mila‘s half-term school break. We found a gorgeous holidays home through Behomm, a site where you can list your home and exchange with creative home owners around the world so Luis, the owner (an Architect) will stay in our London home* with his family soon. It is our first time using Behomm and so far so good. The house is simply perfect, not big (only 70 sqm2) but very well conceived, full of inspiring design ideas and my love for white, modern interiors is fulfilled. Read on… *Behomm is by invitation only so if you don’t have a home or job that fits their requirement, you can still find some beautiful, creative homes to rent on Kid & Coe