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{Wise words} Love everything about life...the downs make the ups happier (C)


I’m full of quotes at the moments but life has been pretty challenging recently for various reasons (with some good and some bad) and it’s one way like another to process things and to go with the flow. I could write a whole book of little mantras I have in my head to keep me going but over the years, I’ve learnt a few things that always, always make sense if you are willing to look at things in a positive way and like anything else, being positive is a skill that can be learnt.

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I met some very interesting and nice women tonight at a small gathering to brainstorm on a brand….Maxine used to be a Visual Merchandiser at Liberty and then Prada, Angela was ex-MD of Bauer Media’s Women Entertainment and both have now set up their own business, Angela is a Fashion Editor at Grazia, Lyn is a Perfumer and there was me. It was very fascinating to hear about everybody’s path afterwards. I never planned to launch BODIE and FOU…It was something I felt I had to do at one point in my life and sometimes you just need to trust your guts and go for it regardless of the outcome. The worst thing we can do in life is not doing anything, not making any decision and during hard times the best thing you can do, is do something… I mentioned in this interview that I cry first to release the tension and then I do something, I don’t procrastinate very long. Whatever decision you make, once you’ve made one it’s the right one for what you need at that specific moment in time