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Intense cocoa muffin without added sugar

Chocolate muffins without added sugar

Like many of us during the Covid-19 lockdown, I turned to cook and baking. I’m not a natural Cook. In fact, I usually feel I don’t have time to do things in the kitchen and I’m known for walking away from the hob and leave things to burn. However, these past few weeks, things have changed a bit. I have cooked and baked a lot more and the crazy thing is, I no longer hate the whole thing. I’ve always admired my sister-in-law and mother-in-law in New-Zealand for their abilities to make muffins, scones, and other delicious things while we were sipping a cup of tea. They made it so easy… So now that I had a new-found love for cooking, I wanted to try a few recipes that Mila would love without them being a total sugar bomb. These intense cocoa muffins without added sugar were perfect. I highly recommend eating these muffins warm with a bit of yogurt. If you don’t want to be tempted, just keep a couple out and freeze the …

Ham, cheese & yogurt muffins with St Helen's Farm

Ham, cheese & yogurt muffins with St Helen’s Farm

Since I’m on a detox sugar to avoid eating refined sugars (#week 9), I have been trying to find delicious, healthy recipes to keep me on the right track while enjoying my food. This ham, cheese, goats milk yogurt muffin recipe has been a major success in our household! It is exactly what you need to make healthy snacks for your children or if you are traveling and want to avoid eating all the junk food on the road. The original recipe was initially with wheat flour and cows milk yogurt but since I do not tolerate gluten and I find goats milk easier to digest than cows milk, I swapped both respectively for buckwheat flour and St Helen’s Farm goats milk yogurt which we have been using since Mila was little. The health benefits of goats’ milk Steve was the one who introduced me to the benefits of goats milk Vs cows milk when I stopped nursing Mila thirteen years ago. He has always been interested in health and well-being and as the son of a kiwi …

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Indulging in breakfast in bed this morning because I have a really busy week ahead and I need to quiet my mind to avoid giving into stress and panic. I’m off to Paris on Wednesday for a very exciting project dear to my heart. I’m going to photograph 20 women wearing a beautiful fashion collection over two days. Then Saturday, I’m photographing two more clients and will head to London next Monday. To add to the positive things, I’m kicking off week #4 of my sugar detox with the last slice of gluten-free, sugar-free banana cake I made over the weekend (recipe here). I found that baking a banana cake is the best way to use those dark, ripped bananas that the kids won’t eat. I like mine with some natural goat milk yoghurt but Mila loves warming it up and adding some butter on top. However, one thing that I learnt this weekend is that sugar-free or not, if a cake is available in the pantry I will eat it so next time, I will freeze half …

How to style your dining table for Easter

How to style your dining table for Easter

I’ve never really decorated a table for Easter before but then I saw these eggs in a vase on Pinterest and it inspired me to make my own ‘pastel’ version with left-over paint I had and use my beautiful tableware designed by Sophie Conran for Portmeirion. It was really easy to do and turned out to be very pretty too so I’m really pleased with the whole look of our Easter table. I also put together a super easy family menu which you will have no problem replicating. STARTER: AVOCADO ON TOAST, POACHED EGG & ASPARAGUS WRAPPED IN PARMA HAM Since I’m on my 5th week of #Iquitsugar (refined sugars) and I’m foodie at heart, it’s important I treat myself to food that feels hearty and tasty and I absolutely loved this “entrée” which I served on Sophie Conran for Portmeirion bistro plates.A couple of tips for you…Cooking your asparagus with a spoon of baking soda will keep them green and the best way to make poached eggs is to add white vinegar to your boiling …

Celebrating first day of winter with comforting, delicious food

Celebrating winter with comforting food

We’ve been baking and cooking a lot these past few days. The girls made pancakes and pikelets for breakfast while my sister Elodie made her famous Tartiflette, which is comfort food at its best! While I’m all for eating healthy and giving our body the nutrients it needs, once in a while, we just need something that is going to be good for our soul and Elodie’s Tartiflette is exactly that! I’m ever so grateful she kindly accepted to share her recipe so I can share it with you here… INGREDIENTS: Number of people: 8 | Prep time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 1 hour 20 min 2.5 kg potatoes 600g diced bacon 500ml fresh cream 750g Reblochon cheese INSTRUCTIONS: Pre-heat your oven at 180/200 degrees Peel your potatoes and boil them until they are soft. Boiling time depends very much on the type of potatoes you get but usually, it takes about an hour Add two spoons of olive oil in a frying pan and fry your diced bacon. Once golden, add the fresh cream and mix thoroughly …

How to make a healthy winter soup for the whole week

How to make a healthy winter soup for the week?

I have meant to share this recipe with you for ages because it’s super easy, quick and inexpensive but I wanted to use one of my photos rather than one from my food styling board on Pinterest. The ones I have pinned are a lot nicer but since food styling & photography is something I want to improve, I have to start somewhere… I have to admit that, while this soup only takes 5 min prep, getting my shot ready took waaayy much longer time. Anyway, here are a few shots I’m finally ‘happy’ with…I brought back the white ceramic bowls and the wooden spoon (on the right-hand side) from my trip to Marrakech and I’m so pleased with them. I had Ikea white bowls from the 365+ series for the past ten years and I’m slowly changing everything for something a bit more organic with a handmade feel. These have a few flaws and were really inexpensive but they give me a great deal of pleasure just by using them on a daily basis.Enough talking, let’s make this healthy soup for the winter! …

How to make a delicious, gluten-free chocolate zucchini cake

Gluten-free chocolate zucchini cake

My sister and some friends are arriving this weekend for a “girls weekend”. Since I can’t think of a nice weekend with friends without cake (and preferably a chocolate one!), I made an attempt to bake my first veggie chocolate cake so I can literally have my cake and eat it! The cake is gluten-free and is filled with some fructose-free sweetness so it’s all good. While I wasn’t convinced of the taste to start with, I’m on my fourth slice (over the course of two days) and I absolutely love it! So have a go and let me know what you think…

Easy to make mulled wine recipe (20 min top!). Read on

Easy to make mulled wine recipe

December, on this side of the hemisphere and especially in London, is nothing without a few evenings fuelled with mulled wine and good friends so I thought I would share with you my favourite mulled wine recipe which you can serve in this glass dispenser, which is not only gorgeous looking but you can also use it during Summer for lemonade.