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Mother's Day Wish List

Mother’s Day wish list

Mother’s Day in France is on 29th May. Being a franco-kiwi family living in London, sometimes we celebrated the UK date, other times, the French date and if I was lucky, we did both. This week though, Steve is in South America riding his bike with some friends. Yesterday he was in Ushuaia and today he is driving to Argentina…quite a trip! So until he returns, I have done a cool, little wish list of things I covet and on Sunday, Mila and I will have a girls day! CLICK ON THE + ICONS BELOW TELL ME… Besides cuddles and kisses, what have you got on your Mother’s Day wish list? Is there anything you really wish you could have?

BODIE and FOU Black Friday Cyber Monday offer. Get up to 30% OFF the whole collection including sale items

BODIE and FOU Black Friday weekend

The busiest weekend online pre-Christmas is on. This year you can get 20% OFF the whole collection, 25% OFF on min. order of £500 (including items already discounted by 60%) and 30% OFF on min. order of £1000, which often goes nicely towards a Paulistano chair! Enjoy!  


Knoll sample sale

Thank you all for your very kind comments and positive energy here, Facebook and Instagram. Someone wrote here “La beauté est une réponse à l’horreur” (beauty is an answer to the horrific) which I thought was a beautiful thing to say and reminded me of The Flowers of Evil by Baudelaire… Yes let’s keep being inspired by beautiful interiors, let’s keep lusting about beautiful things that make our day-to-day just a little bit better. We all know that’s not everything but it does feel good to daydream or just to have dreams. Talking about beautiful things, I’m the proud owner of this gorgeous vintage Bertoia chair (above) and if I could, I would love to have five more to fit around our dining table so I’m really disappointed to miss out again on the Knoll sample sale in London.


One shop that I always visit when I’m in Amsterdam and which never ceases to inspire me and provide visual inspiration, is Sukha on Haarlemmerstraat 110.There is something very soothing about Sukha…Painted in white, with a floor to ceiling window adorned by greenery, the shop is filled with natural light filtering from the glass roof. As soon as you walk in, you feel good. Everything around you is beautiful, handmade, textured, calming…I love how this inviting and welcoming space regularly becomes a large blank canvas to display the most wonderful and inspiring styling.And the styling changes often. Sukha regularly commissioned a local Illustrator to create new window displays or write poems in Dutch on the walls.I told them, they should make wall stickers out of this beautiful writing…I know I would have one in my home. So if they are available next time you go there, you will know where the idea comes from ;-)The photos below are from past displays.When I took my mum and sister last weekend, they had a giant white teepee with mezzanine instead …

On my travel wish-list…Bruxelles

I’ve always wanted to go to Bruxelles for a weekend.  I would also like to go back to New-York for a week and Koh-Samui for 4 weeks….In fact, if you ask me, the list of places I would like to see is quite long. I’ve been suggesting a long weekend in Bruxelles to Steve but he’s not really feeling the love yet and that is because we come from two different views.  Steve thinks flight/queue/hassle/tootired/traveltoomuch/Europeanparliament/weather I’m thinking inspiration/decoration/design/vintage/coolplacestosee and yes I could go there by myself like the big girl that I am but the truth is, I’m done travelling on my own. I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to, mostly because I miss my little family as soon as I’m away  So here is list of places I would like to see when we go there (because we will! :-) ICI (photo 1) a lovely delicatessen launched by Saskia et Marine  {35 Rue Darwin, 35 1050 Bruxelles Tél. : 02/343 88 57 You can follow them here} The ALEXIS VANHOVE Gallery and SHOWROOM (photo 2): Dedicated to mid-century furniture, the …