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A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral hues

A warm lounge in neutral hues

Follow my blog with Bloglovin While doing some research for Mila’s bedroom upcoming makeover to add storage and give her walls a fresh coat of paint (see the most recent makeovers here and here), I came across this soothing lounge in natural hues in the home of Interior Designer, Susanne Swegen. Since we sold our home in London and relocated to the beach in France, I have been moving towards interiors with a more natural feel, textures, and hues of whites and soft greys rather than the all-white Scandi look we had in London. A trend that I can see happening on my two Instagram accounts too: @bodieandfou and @peoplefromthesea (did you notice the change!? :-) As we now surf a lot more and go to the beach at least twice a week offseason, it was inevitable I guess, that the beauty and natural vibes of the surrounding white sandy beaches would rub on me. At first, it was the soothing blend of neutral colours that caught my eyes. Those light grey walls work beautifully with …

3 affordable, visually inspiring storage solutions

Do you have a husband/kids who leave their clothes anywhere on the floor? Gorgeous kids like mine who loves having as many colourful toys as they can to clash with your love for white interiors? Maybe a dog and a bunny (yes we have that too) Ok, so you know that your family home can and will look messy pretty quickly without some kind of storage solutions. Personally, one thing that works for me to keep clutter at bay is to regularly go through our stuff on a weekly and monthly basis and throw things away, recycle, donate to charity shops etc… If you need bits of advice, I’ve shared here 15 helpful, practical tips to declutter your home.   However as a short time solution, here are three solutions that I think are visually inspiring and won’t break the bank as you can find similar storage boxes from John Lewis and Ikea. The White Company has also various storage cubes for the kids’ bedroom in various colours. AFFORDABLE STORAGE SOLUTIONS #1 If your home has a white, Scandinavian, monochrome feel, white …

I like this…

Sorry guys, I’m posting this as a memento for myself because my computer is SO slow, I need to throw away some stuff and I want to keep this in mind because I like the look of the storage boxes on the right hand side with the brown labels. I think they sell similar boxes at Ikea. I also love the moody mood board on the left which is quite dramatic with its B&W images. Something like this would be fab for a home office

I like this…simply perfect

I love these cupboards – which if I remember well from various features in mags – are from Abigail’s home