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#weekly fashion edit: leopard print coat + leather trousers

#weekly fashion edit

Every fall season, I lust after something in leopard print like this Clare V. clutch … Here I wear a pair of leopard heels from Isabel Marant which I grabbed in the sale two Summers ago and I also own a pair of leopard ankle boots from L.K. Bennett bought years ago, which haven’t aged. So my point is that whatever you invest in this season, leopard print is something that will come back EVERY season. This season, I bet on this beautiful leopard print coat (1) from Hush, which you can wear over a pair of skinny jeans, pleated skirt or leather trousers (5) It’s a total matter of personal choice (and age) but when it comes to wear leopard print, I try not to mix it with leather + high heels + red lipstick. For some reasons, I have this vision of Peggy Mitchell from Eastenders in my head, which will probably means nothing to those outside the UK but I’m very conscious of not looking like that when I wear leopard print. There is a …

#Weeklyfashionedit | A gorgeous fitted dress inspired by the movie The Dressmaker

#weekly fashion edit

I’ve recently watched The Dressmaker on Netflix which was one of the best movies I had seen in a long time. Have you seen it !? Beside Kate Winslet’s acting which is always fantastic (I think!) and the few tears I shed, I was mesmerised by all the beautiful dresses in the movie, designed by Award-winning costume designer Margot Wilson. The fifties are not my favourite area (I’m more of a feel-good 70’s disco & 80’s pop kind of girl ;-) but I have to say when Winslet’s character Tilly stepped out at a local rugby match wearing a black dress similar to the iconic dress Rita Hayworth wore in Gilda, I was like “wow”. The dresses went on to get better and better. As the heroine studied with the best of the best fashion Designers in Europe, her clothes in the movie reflect the influences of mentors like Balenciaga and Dior, which is really pleasing to the eyes. Added to the great acting of the whole cast: Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving, Judy Davis, and up-and-comer Sarah Snook, The Dressmaker …

THE EDIT Black suit & Veja trainers

THE EDIT: Black suit & Veja trainers

THE EDIT (previously named #weeklyfashionedit) is to inspire you to put together a minimalist wardrobe with fashion staples. I have recently stored my Spring/Summer clothes into a few of these stackable storage boxes. I’m ready now to re-organise my wardrobe with things to wear in Autumn/Winter. Emptying your drawers at the start of each season will help you to see the things you want to keep or get rid of. It’s like a blank canvas. Suddenly, you’re facing an empty wardrobe and it’s much easier to put back things you really want. “70% staple pieces, 30% on-trend pieces is the ratio I’m aiming for, in my wardrobe this year” Always aiming to be as minimalist as I can, I’m aiming to have fashion staples with a few on-trend items to complete the look. I want pieces that will last me for a few years. Clothes that truly reflect my style and will work for a few seasons. Based on its cost per wear, these Beckett sneakers by Isabel Marant for instance, have proven to be a great …

#weekly fashion edit: Chelsea boots

#weekly fashion edit

I discovered Cecilie Copenhagen last year on Instagram and bought this gorgeous Topanga top in black which is unbelievably sexy and stylish. As the new A/W17 collection has the just hit the stores, I spotted this beautiful Beat round neck cotton dress (1) which would be really easy to wear through several seasons. “Iconic since the 60s, Chelsea boots are a great staple for Autumn & Winter” Rather than pairing it with a pair of flat pumps, I would break the mould and wear them with a pair of classic Chelsea boots (5). I really like the feeling of wearing strong, solid boots, especially when the rest of my outfit is feminine and I’m still in love with the Chelsea boots I got last year in Paris, from Anthology Paris . There is also a few sizes left on Smallable. Unfortunately, they are khaki but sometimes when a colour is dark enough, you can get away with applying dark/black shoe cream. Church’s has also some fantastic brogues and boots for a masculine look. Regardless of where you get yours from, if you …

Back to school look

Back to school look

Twelve years in the making and it’s the first time that I didn’t drop Mila to the wrong school or the wrong day (the year she got into the French Lycée in London, I took her the day before school started). It’s also the first time, I got everything done in time including school supplies courtesy of the parents association, which had the brilliant idea to centralise all purchases to save time and money to the parents. All I had to do was ticked a list, send a cheque and collect everything last Saturday (time spent on buying school stationary = 10 minutes, Stress level = peanuts). God Bless Parents Associations!!On Sunday, I got overwhelmed (and sad) by the realisation that she is growing up fast but today I’m  feeling better now. These feelings come and go and we just have to make the most of the time we have with our kids, while we can, can’t we!? At the end of the day, I’m hugely proud of the human being she is and the …

Roxy surf legging

Roxy surf leggings

Have  you seen all these gorgeous surf legging from the Billabong and Roxy collections!? When Mila goes surfing, she can easily spends between 4 to 6 hours in the water swapping between her surf board and a bodyboard. The only issue is that she always gets cold after an hour or so. This means that regardless of the season, she always wears a full wetsuit. When we were in Hossegor a few weeks ago (see on Instagram), I bought her these gorgeous surf leggings from Roxy. Not only the print is beautiful but she says that they are extremely comfy and warm. I would add that they are also practical and versatile. They are much easier and lighter to carry around than her wetsuit and she has been wearing them ever since… Each time she goes in the water, being a pool, the ocean or the Lake in Cazaux, they’re on …I essentially shoot 99% of my photos with a 50mm lens so I can’t catch her when she rides a wave but since we went on the …

denim shorts & white tee: #outfitperfection

Denim shorts & white t-shirt

#denim shorts love I photographed several girls in denim shorts and swimwear for the People from the Sea series while I was in Bali included Katia below and I had such a good feeling with her that we ended up shooting twice together. Below are a few images of our second photoshoot in Canggu. One look that I absolutely love on holidays, if not, the only one is the combo of denim shorts & white t-shirt. Simple, basic, effortless…a good old pair of denim shorts is basically all you need on holidays…ok that and maybe a nice boho dress like this one from Rachel Zoe currently 70 % OFF and this dreamy Stella McCartney maxi dress. Granted it really depends on where you’re are off to for your holidays but for a laid-back place like Bali, frankly, you really don’t need to pack much. It’s hot there. Even when it rains, it’s hot and I lived in my two pairs of denim shorts during our whole vacations updating my outfits with light cotton tops like this one from Numero …

Mother's Day Wish List

Mother’s Day wish list

Mother’s Day in France is on 29th May. Being a franco-kiwi family living in London, sometimes we celebrated the UK date, other times, the French date and if I was lucky, we did both. This week though, Steve is in South America riding his bike with some friends. Yesterday he was in Ushuaia and today he is driving to Argentina…quite a trip! So until he returns, I have done a cool, little wish list of things I covet and on Sunday, Mila and I will have a girls day! CLICK ON THE + ICONS BELOW TELL ME… Besides cuddles and kisses, what have you got on your Mother’s Day wish list? Is there anything you really wish you could have?