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Natural leather slides for the Summer

Natural leather slides for the Summer

I’m so ready for the Summer… Straw hat in hand and these beautiful slides on my feet… They are from Protest, a surfing brand from The Netherlands. I have to say that they are very comfy, look great with pretty much everything and are SO inexpensive! Check them out HERE! Plus I really like the natural colour, don’t you!? The other pair of slides I love are these from Isabel Marant but of course, not quite the same budget or style and these rope sliders from Topshop Since “someone” in our household was a bit grumpy on Mother’s Day, I treated myself to these fab Soludos platform wedge sandals which I found on Nordstrom after extensive online research. Let me know if you find a pair you love xoxo SHOP THE STORY:

My belated Xmas gift: a SEN NO SEN wetsuit

Kicking off my 2018 surfing season

One of the things on my to-do lists when we moved to the beach was to take up surfing. At first, it was hugely challenging on various accounts. A part of me was very proud to start surfing at 40+ because I’m a firm believer that anyone of us can start anything we want, anytime, without caring about the age thing. However, the reality was a bit harder to process. First, I was the only woman over 40+ at my club to surf (and when I say 40+, I’m actually closer to 50) so often I ended up surfing with teens age 12-17… It was fine, they were all really sweet and they didn’t really care about me but I had a few lonely moments when I was wondering what on earth I was doing there or what was I trying to prove to myself… Yet I kept going. Second, the physical struggle was real. After ten years running my own business, working long hours and not paying attention to what I was eating, I was …

Roxy surf legging

Roxy surf leggings

Have  you seen all these gorgeous surf legging from the Billabong and Roxy collections!? When Mila goes surfing, she can easily spends between 4 to 6 hours in the water swapping between her surf board and a bodyboard. The only issue is that she always gets cold after an hour or so. This means that regardless of the season, she always wears a full wetsuit. When we were in Hossegor a few weeks ago (see on Instagram), I bought her these gorgeous surf leggings from Roxy. Not only the print is beautiful but she says that they are extremely comfy and warm. I would add that they are also practical and versatile. They are much easier and lighter to carry around than her wetsuit and she has been wearing them ever since… Each time she goes in the water, being a pool, the ocean or the Lake in Cazaux, they’re on …I essentially shoot 99% of my photos with a 50mm lens so I can’t catch her when she rides a wave but since we went on the …

People from the Sea + playlist

I took this photo of Florian in August. Just looking at it, I can feel the heat of the sun on my skin and so many happy memories of what was a good Summer in the end…I think I’ve mentionned this before but channelling my energy into taking pictures for People from the Sea and focusing on capturing happy emotions has been a game changer for me.

Herewith magazine | BODIE and FOU Style blog

Herewith magazine #issue 1

Long before starting surfing and creating a new instagram account to curate surfing photography and capture people’s happiness by the sea, I was fascinated by women surfers. Who hasn’t, at least once in Summer, long for what looks like an enviable carefree feeling, a body to die for, an admirable fitness level, an impression of being at one with the ocean or a gorgeous healthy-looking tan? I have on several occasions and now that I surf twice a week and get a real kick each time I catch a wave, I get a lot of joy and inspiration from taking photos for people from the sea. The other thing that recently inspired me a lot, was the first issue of new magazine HEREWITH

Sea, Surf & Fun

Summer ’16 The Edit | Sea, surf & fun

Week 2 (and last) of our stay in Hossegor and we all feel like we could have stayed here for a month. The weather has been absolutely amazing and everyone has really enjoyed surfing. We spend days at the beach swimming, surfing and sleeping and then days turned into late nights. If you’ve never been to Hossegor, you should know that Capbreton and Seignosse are really really close and great places to stay too. In fact this Summer, we’ve spent most of our times in Seignosse where our friends were surfing. However, I can’t believe how crowded it is. There are about 30 surf schools in Seignosse versus 2 à La Salie (in the Bay of Arcachon) and it’s not a good thing in terms of security. In the Bay, we can all walk in the water in a line and have our own wave, here it’s impossible. If you’re a Beginner surfer, you will always worry about your board hitting some kids’ head. Last year, we took a course with Clement from Surf Cactus in Cap-Breton. This year, …

Surfing at 40+

Surfing at 40+ because it’s never too late to learn something new

Surfing at 40+ was never an issue because age for me is not an issue. I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to start anything you want in life. You can start over, each morning and do whatever you want. I don’t define myself or what I want to do by my age and neither should you. I think it is how you feel in your own skin that matters. You can be a fit, healthy chick in your fifties and a couch potato in your twenties. You can be cancer or depression survivor and then turn your life around in a matter of months. Being comfortable with my age, wrinkles and fine lines are one of my great achievements. Yes, sometimes my skin is dry. Some nights I drink too much, don’t sleep enough and look like hell. However, generally speaking, I’m OK with who I am and I credit this mostly to what I eat and the lifestyle changes I’ve made over the past four years. I have still work to do to be comfortable with my …