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Denim shorts & white shirt | Outfit perfection. For more style inspo, head to

Denim shorts & white shirt | Outfit perfection

One of my fav Summer outfits on holidays, at weekends or during a beautiful Bank holiday Monday like today is denim shorts and boyfriend shirt (this one is 20% off until midnight tonight)…

Distressed jeans

Fashion must-have: the distressed jeans

Totally loving the whole distressed jeans look here (minus the cigarette). I gave up in 2012 after saying goodbye to her one more time and never looked back. Between changing my eating habits and other good things I did for my well-being, drinking my 1.5 Lt of water a day and not smoking, my skin is looking a LOT better. In a way, I’m glad I gave up in my forties when there was still time to recover from it. How about you!? Have you ever smoked? Have you given up or trying to!? Back to the distressed jeans… Hush has always a great pair of boyfriend jeans in their collection.   I know, I know…if you’re about my age, you probably feel like distressed jeans & white tee is’ a look you sported when you were a teen in the 80s, right!?   Isn’t fashion an ongoing cycles of revivals   e ripped jeans outfits: The look first hit us in the 1980s, but the fashion faded like a bleach bath. Now it’s back with a …