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DETAILS | Pretty writing on a wall

I had this image bookmarked for a very long time… I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do in our home in London which has now three floors + the loft conversion (part 2 here) but I never got around to do it. You can find this in the Wiesler Hotel in the Centre of Graz, Austria. Probably one city I will never visit but the hotel rebranded by Moodley looks pretty amazing so if you’re planning a trip there, here is a nice place for you to stay or have lunch. 1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

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An alternative to the traditional planter

Since I came back from Amsterdam last October, I have been keen to add large plants in our home to use them as design pieces. I got the one above from Ikea over 6 weeks ago and I’m glad to say it is still alive and looking very well. I was so excited over the weekend that I even started talking to her/it. This one (can’t remember the name but I can find out if you want to know) is great because it has a really tropical feel to it and with all our white walls, some mornings when the sun filters through the glass roof of the kitchen, I feel I’m in L.A. rather than in London in December.

Hello September…

OK who wants to cry with me? :-) Hello, hello, c’est vite dit…I can’t believe how fast this year went! Frankly, I wish we were still there, enjoying our tree house, the beach, the glorious sun, learning to surf, drinking a large amount of salted water in the process, be together but it has been an amazing Summer for us as a family so no regret. I’m only here in London for a week and then I’m off to Paris on Friday evening for a week to attend a trade show, work on our new Autumn/Winter collection and shoot some inspiring interiors. Work life will be good, lots of exciting and interesting projects to work on but I’ll fill you in later on. Now how was your Summer holidays? Tell me about it!?  LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Inspiring Typography

I love typography…I also like the visual impact a chosen font will have on the style one wants to convey for a brand, a packaging, a logo or even a page layout (i.e. the Welcome page of our SS/12 catalogue).If you are in the process of launching your brand or company, it is very important you think about what you want to convey with the font or logo because…. first impression counts!So here a few examples of typography, page layout and branding examples I’m collecting on Pinterest….Have a lovely, inspiring evening! 1. Welcome page of BODIE and FOU SS/12 catalogue (which is now on Issuu!) 2. Only As print using typography (see also Do What You Think Is Right print) 3. Mila’s bedroom with Pigmee garland 4. Layout by Aline Diepois and Thomas Gilzome 5. Pinterest 6. Lotta Jansdotter window shop 7. Charlotte Gainsbourg in VOGUE

Design*Sponge: Fonts roundup

It’s not new… I absolutely LOVE fonts and typography. It’s a simple, visual thing which, with all its simplicity, can change the whole look of a room. This why I fell in love with Therese Sennerholt prints which you’ll see in our little shop next month or the one I have at home. I love how fonts can be used to design gorgeous prints of the UK, Australia and New-Zealand, as wall decoration, on food packaging and on this subject, if you haven’t visited Selfridges Food Hall yet, you must go! It’s a visual feast to all the things I love food, design and fonts.So when I saw that the lovely Grace was sharing her favourite fonts, I could not resist relaying them to you here. Click here to read Grace’s 35 favourite fonts (some of them are free to download for personal use)

DIY projects – Gorgeous ideas

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned these two gorgeous DIY projects from Dutch magazine 101 Wooniden. The bathroom cabinet was a very simplified version of the Inside Out bathroom cabinet which won the Elle Decoration British Design Award Winner in 2007 and I loved the simplicity of these lights. Today, I came across this gorgeous, contemporary piece of art that you can make too. With a bit of help from Babelfish free translation service, I translated the Dutch instructions so to do this, you will need: * To buy a large piece of MDF from your local DIY store (not too thin so it doesn’t bend, I reckon 2.5 cm thick as a minimum should do the trick but go thicker if you can afford it). * Paint the board with magnetic blackboard paint. * Buy stencils from your local art supplies shop or online or magnetic letters and then make your own meaningful sentence like ‘Today is the perfect day for a perfect day’ which I read somewhere but can’t remember where …

Fab fonts

I’ve just discovered these fabulous (free!) fonts on Poppytalk so I’m just adding them to remember where they are because I’m likely to use them in the future Milho CozidoBotellasClementine SketchWoodstamp