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Do you want to look like Sharon Tate?

I just found this photo of Sharon Tate here. Pretty stunning, isn’t she? I don’t have the recipe to look like her but I know where you can find the same STAR t-shirt!


I have started running again…I hadn’t done it properly for at least 2 months and in the past two weeks, it has felt as if I was starting all over again, as if I never ran in my whole life but I’m picking up the peace and so is Lucas.But it does feel incredibly good once you’ve done it! For more inspiration on working out, you can follow my board on Pinterest here

Sneak-peek of the new BODIE and FOU website

If I have been quiet on the blog front lately and I even had to desactivate my facebook account to stop enjoying the little chit-chat with everyone, was because I had to focus on several big projects that are happening (on top of our Xmas catalogue – see sneak-peek on VT Woven).Even by keeping myself to myself, days were pretty full on but my reclusive time is coming to an end (yippee!!). I have now finished the mock up of our new website and have passed on the baby to the developers.Soon, we will give you a new, improved BODIE and FOU…simpler…clearer and this time properly available in French and English. The language tag is a pain to add but once we are up and running, we will translate it in Aussie and Kiwi – All right mate! Just kiddingNo honestly, we’ve spent hours testing it and I think it will be a lot easier to use, the Season Sale & Sample sale easier to find but if you have any comments on things you would like us to …

Samedi heureux, Samedi pluvieux

A saturday doing nothing….Finally…just drinking tea, eating cake and chatting with my sis’Funny how the day goes quickly when you do nothing with pleasure

Do What You Think Is Right….

The launch of our new prints could not have come at a better time… This morning, we found out that we have been shortlisted for the ECMOD AWARDS with the first mail catalogue we launched last year. The ECMOD Awards are like the Oscars of direct marketing so a very, BIG deal for our little company. We’re going places people!! :-) I’m also totally in love with our new print: Do what you think is right print

EST magazine ♥♥♥

The new issue of EST magazine is out. I’m really loving the front cover shot by Marjon and styled by Anouk, actually I think I like everything these two talented girls style/shot together. Check out the other pictures they took inspired by their last trip to Paris…very inspiring!And big thank you to EST for the wonderful write-up about the BODIE and FOU blog and Kelly Hoppen for her wonderful post here