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Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme

A house is really silent without a child…Yesterday: Day off for Steve and I to spend time with Mila…Babycinno and pain au chocolate for breakfast…A trip to the cinema to see Mr Popper’s penguins…A surprise Batgirl costume hidden in her suitcase…Le Chat rolled in a tube for a friend…Little slices of banana cake to eat in the plane and she was off…10 days in France to be a grand-child, to be loved and spoiled. This morning, I discovered the work of Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme, two Artistic Directors and Photographers that live and work together and I’m in love with their work.The atmosphere, the childhood memories, the slight touch of melancholy that come out of their photography touch me. It was the same sensitivity that appealed to me when I was admiring the lookbook of Zef and I know why now. Aline and Thomas make wonderful images, a beautiful book that is now on my wishlist, inspiring video (Take me anywhere) and my world… a more peaceful and beautiful place.   C’est tres silencieux …

BODIE and FOU catalogue: the digital version

I’m very excited to see the digital version of our new catalogue! For those in the UK, if you haven’t requested a copy yet, you can do so here.

Life with Mila (thanks God!)

While the launch of the BODIE and FOU catalogue in the UK yesterday was a happy event, the same day I found out that my dad had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and that people I love very much were calling it a day after 18 years together so I’m sad and a bit spaced out since yesterday. Mila: “Where is papa!!….??“Me: (not really listening but knowing that Steve was watching the rugby match) “I don’t know’Mila: “What do you mean you don’t know, you are a grown-up, grown-ups know everything.“Me: (still distracted, still not really listening) “what??’Mila: “Maman!! You told me that Mamans ALWAYS know everything!” Me: (finally switching on) “You’re right babe, Mums know everything and Dad is at the pub watching rugby” So today, Mila and I went to buy some cheerful paint for our front door. As Mila said, it will be like we knock on a holidays door every day. It’s bright, cheerful and very unlike me (colourwise) but as I’m walking around with this sad feeling at the moment, it …

La maison d’Ines…

…is beautiful, relaxing, welcoming.Ines: First model to sign an exclusive contract with Chanel in 1983 was Lagerferld’s muse until she was chosen in 1989 to be the bust of Marianne (a symbol of our French republic which you will find in every Mairie in France). At the time, Karl Lagerferld asked her to turn this project down because he thought it was vulgar to dress a monument (sigh)She refused. He broke her contract. Ines de la Fressange embodied chic, stylish French style (still does…). I wasn’t particularly fond of her Parisian flat shot by The Selby here which was a bit too pink, too cluttered and contrived for my tastes but I’m loving her holidays home…enjoy!   source: Elle Decoration France, July/August 2011

Blog crush for Holmberg

We had IT/web-hosting boring, technical issues today and I felt like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill all day. To keep me ‘amused’ through the time-wasting day this was, I started a Hit-list of companies/people that I do no longer want to work with, it’s not a big list, I only have 2 names on it…So just to re-focus my mind onto more positive thinking, I thought I would end the day on a poetic note :-) I think I landed on Holmberg, a gorgeous Norwegian blog on Sunday while digesting our amazing Sunday meal and I love it! She makes so many lovely, soft photos with masking tapes, I can’t wait for us to receive them all here to play with them…Have a lovely, relaxing evening…. (C) Holmberg everyday living


It’s not often that I post about music but on Tuesday eveninbefore we went on holidays, I took Mila to her first concert to see Cocoon, a French band that sings in English and I think they are really worth it!It was a great, intimate concert and their songs are very cool. So I just want to spread a bit of love and I’m hoping you will love them too.While I’m at it, I would also highlight the performance of Mesparrow who gave us a pretty amazing performance PS: They will be at Glastonbury too so if you go, try to go and see them

Mila: “Luuuccaas…Can you close the door! I’m cold”Papa: “Are you legs broken?”Mila: “No they are frozen”I couldn’t help laughing…Kids are such matter-of-fact. The Sun is out, the papa is gone to Hong-Kong )which reminds me how much I enjoyed discovering Initial Fashion last time we went there), Mila is cleaning Lucas’ doghouse…