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Vanessa Paradis…Go Girl

I don’t often write about Vanessa Paradis (but I have a fair amount of photos of her on Pinterest)…yet if there is ONE person in the whole world, I’m a massive fan, it’s her and for many reasons. Elodie and I ‘grew up’ with her…Vanessa is three years younger than me and two years older than Elodie.She was only 14 years old when she became internationally famous with her Joe Le Taxi song (which is still a nice catchy song but far from being her best song) and considering how people who encounter massive success at a young age often go off the tangent, she did pretty well. I love her because over the years she has made some very good artistic choices and worked with a lot of people I love and admire.…Lenny Kravitz and I remember the the front cover of the album shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino…Serge Gainsbourg…Matthiew Chedid…Benjamin BiolayAll incredible song writers and poets.Her beautiful duo with Jeanne Moreau (another amazing lady) at the Cannes Film Festival is one of my favourite …

Elle est belle, n’est ce pas?

She is gorgeous, isn’t she?! I love her so much that I’m going to see her in Paris with Elodie at the end of Jan and then beginning of Feb in London with Steve…la voila, quand on aime on ne compte pas! Elle est belle n’est ce pas?! Je l’adore tellement que je vais aller la voir en concert fin Janvier avec Elodie a Paris et debut Fevrier a Londres avec Steve…la voila, quand on aime on ne compte pas!