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So happy it’s Friday!

It’s styling day for me today and I can’t tell how relieved I am to step away from all the technical issues I got involved with the launch of our new site but it’s all good now, we received some great feedback and everything is working smoothly. I also found out that The Guardian had featured our Scrapwood wallpaper PHE-8 and I love what they’ve done with it.  I used the Scrapwood wallpaper in our bedroom in France and I have been thinking of doing a feature wall in our bathroom in London, which is the only room I haven’t touched yet and I think if I stare a lit bit longer to this bright blue from the 80’s, I’m gonna faint! This morning, I’m visiting a shop (still thinking about the idea of opening one…) and I’m seeing some gorgeous office spaces on Monday. I know they are gorgeous because I visited them about 5 years ago. Then, I’ll take time to reflect and listen to my guts feelings. It has been a busy year…can I …

Gorgeous wall stickers to spread happiness around the home

I’ve always been a fan of Shanna Murray wallstickers and used one of hers in Mila’s bedroom along with the beautiful handmade cotton garland from Pigmée so she can see each time she goes to bed and wake up how much I love her.Murray’s calligraphy is feminine, inviting and each of wall stickers are little pieces of art to spread happiness around the home.I’ve been looking for ways and places to add more of these gorgeous stickers around our home either in London or our holidays home in France and today I came across this image of the I love you beyond measure sticker on the nursery door of an adorable little girl named Lucca Valentine and it just opened my mind to a whole world of creative little projects…* I could put one on each of the four bedrooms in our home in France with a feel good message or an inspiring photo…* I could paint the back of our kitchen door with blackboard paint, adding B&W photos and let our friends and guest leaving lovely message…* I could put …


I’m always on the look out for creative ideas to make a wall in our home just a little bit more interesting. At work, I created a moodboard… In Mila’s bedroom, I put a beautiful, loving sticker on her wall In my mum’s bedroom, I created a moodboard using beautiful art print + tearsheets from magazines + photos of Mila + masking tape In our bedroom, the display keeps changing but for the time being, it’s a mix of B&W prints + tearsheets In our lounge, I displayed B&W family photos with black masking tape but I also very much like the idea of Designhund to use the back of painting canvas. or what Desiree did with clipboards 2 DAYS TO GO… {We have entered the fabulous MyDeco Independent Home Shop Award} Nominate BODIE and FOU as your favourite EVER AND EVER AND EVER independent Home Shop and two voting winners will also win £1000* to spend on our concept store on anything you like including this gorgeous Tropezienne bag. CLICK HERE to enter the competition.

I love this…

While doing some research for our next lifestyle shot for our mail order catalogue, I came across this gorgeous display of plates.The Rob Ryan Four Season plates would look amazing mixed with vintage ones and plain ones from Muji or The White Company. Via Living Etc

Wallpaper “Cahier d’ecriture”

My latest coup de coeur is this Cahier d’ecriture wallpaper. I met the designer Genevieve at the party organised by Paumes for the launch of London Family Style in which Genevieve and I both featured. As we got talking in French (she is Swiss), she was telling me about the new wallpaper she was working on and without having seen anything, I had the feeling that I would like it. That was back in September 2010…Fast-forward 10 months later and here we go! Genevieve’s wallpaper is ready! She found a supplier that could finally do it on a durable, washable material and the result is fantastic and pretty much what I had in mind! Guts feelings huh!So, I’m very happy to add this to our collection of wallpapers which are great to create feature walls because I really like how this wallpaper creates a feature on top of the stairs, or a cupboard and makes something visually more interesting without being overpowering.I also love the retro look of these letters. My mum has a few …

Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

I’ve been a fan of Piet Hein Eek‘s work since I spotted his designs in Elle Decoration a couple of years ago. I really admire the fact that someone can actually create something so beautiful out of reclaimed wood (like this headboard made by House Tweaking) or this Pallet chair by Studiomama which one day I’m hoping to make for our Summer house.Piet Hein Eek’s designs are unique and merge artisan handcraft with skilled design but I also feel (and that’s me believing in good karma) that this whole approach to a more eco-friendly design, his commitment to use reclaimed wood and his handcraft can only have a positive impact on our lives, our homes and the world of design in general.So I can’t tell you how happy I am to have his amazing and unique collection of Scrapwood wallpaper on BODIE and FOU.The Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek has the warm, rustic feel that real wood brings to a room. Like the Bookshelf wallpaper, this is the kind of wallpaper design that is …

Expresso Cafe in Manhattan

As per the title of this blog, stating the obvious, this is the interior of the Expresso Cafe in Manhattan designed by Nema Workshop, a team of architects & designers who specialize in creating conceptually innovative spaces and this one, like or not, has a wow factor! And if you fancy doing this at home…you know…turns a normal room sideways and almost feel like in Inception with Leonardo, you can use the new Bookshelf wallpaper by Y & B. Available where?? I hear you saying… Chez nous here! Via Fubiz

I love this…last one for the day :-)

but I had to post it otherwise I will spend hours trying to remember where I saw it! I love how the mix of big letters and wobbly picture frames make this kitchen looking…well like a real home rather than a shot from a magazine. A demain!Via Little Blue Deer