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Styling with flowers


What are you up to this weekend!? I realised two days ago that while Mother’s Day is celebrated on 29th May in France, this Sunday, it’s Grand-Mother’s Day! So I’m taking my mum and Mila for a girls lunch at Les Pins Du Moulleau (if you come to the Bay of Arcachon, check it out, it’s a nice restaurant!). Wishing all the mamas back in England, a happy Mother’s Day! Here are some cool, fun links for you: First time I see Karl Lagerfeld without his black glasses. People often asked me where my vase is from…this one is very similar. Beautiful people but I’m not sure I would enjoy the pressure. I’m loving this jacket. We had a tiny, super cute little mouse in the house. Here are some tips to repel them the natural way. Would love these for Mila who is growing out of her current ones. Totally in love with this Kids’ Spanish brand Little Creative Factory //Photography: The White Company

Dune du Pyla, France. Voted 2nd best beach in the world by The Guardian. (C) Photography: Karine Köng


What are you up to this weekend? I’m driving Steve to the airport as he is off to join a friend in Argentina on a bike road trip. Travels are high on my priorities this year so when he asked me if he could do it and be away for 2 or 3 weeks, I was like “yes of course, go ahead, I wish I could come with you” but now it’s departure time, both of us are not looking forward to being apart from each other :-) Here are some cool, fun links for you: The Dune of Pyla (above), which is near our holiday home in the Bay of Arcachon has been listed as the second best beach in the World out of 50 by The Guardian! Here is an article in Sud-Ouest. This video of David Beckham and James Corden cracked me up. I love this hotel in Puglia through the lens of Carla Coulson. Are you a hot skinny bowl fanatic? I finally got around to read this long article and it was so interesting, such a different area …

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Weekend inspiration

I wish you a fabulous weekend. I’m going to spend the weekend clearing our top rooms in preparation for the building work starting in our loft so I’ll be adding more things on Ebay. Bises// 1. Salt & Pepper Jacket from TOAST | 2. Stonewashed linen duvet cover from BODIE and FOU | 3. Japanese linen apron | 4. Boyfriend jeans from HUSH