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A Scandinavian home with large windows & lots of natural light

A Scandinavian home with large windows & lots of natural light

I have a soft home for homes with large windows and lots of natural light and this Danish home designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn doesn’t disappoint. Bjerre-Poulsen and Rønn are also the Founders of Norm. Architects, a design practice I often featured on the blog here. Drawing their inspiration from Danish tradition, craftsmanship, and aesthetics, everything they design, from commercial and residential interiors to furniture and home accessories, is a feast for the eyes. Being mostly drawn to white interiors, I really wanted to share with you the Fredensborg home, a home they recently finished designing and which is located about 30kms north of Copenhagen.  The house is built on five low levels using natural material like stone and wood, which accentuates the feeling that everything flows from one room to another effortlessly… With its large windows in all the room, the house benefits from natural light from various corners. The rubber basket above is made from recycling tires and adds a visual accent to an all-white interior. // Photography: Norm. Architects | All Rights Reserved

A minimalist white kitchen with high ceiling

A minimalist white kitchen with high ceiling

The minimalist design, the white walls, the massive sky window to fill the room with natural light, the soothing combo of white and natural wood makes this kitchen one of my absolute favourites. From a design point of view, kitchens are my favourite room in a home and I’m absolutely loving everything about this white, airy kitchen. What do you think? This kitchen is from a block of 22 apartments built in a former meat factory by Swedish Architecture practice Arrhov Frick. Sadly I couldn’t find more pictures of the kitchen or the whole flat to share with you so we will have to make do with this sole photo and imagine how the rest of the flat could look like. The design of this kitchen is very simple but yet so effective and works wonderfully in a small flat as we all as a warehouse-type conversion. Subtle black touches are added throughout the room like this classic Vitra Eames house bird (available from John Lewis) sitting on top of the kitchen units. The square table and the chairs are …

White interiors, rustic & calming

Love post: Line Kay, Stylist & Photographer

One Interior Photographer I love is Line Kay from Vintage Piken. Her photos are always very calming and soothing…

New-York print

My perfectly imperfect wall

This area used to be a terrace on the second floor of our home in London. As nobody really used it and we had a back garden, Steve re-designed the space into a home office fitted with a large window overlooking the garden (see picture). We hide the outside 80’s looking wall with cedar cladding (you can see the whole house here), a large window facing trees and fitted two auto-cleaning sky windows, slightly angled to catch the sun at different times of the day (see below). The floorboard is pine wood painted white. If you are interested, you can view the whole renovations album on Facebook here and on Instagram under hashtag #bodieandfourenovations.I was keen to keep the wall (photo 1) as raw as possible to contrast against the clean lines of the room and pristine white walls. However, my super perfectionist Painter tried to cover as much as he could to make it as white as possible and by the time I got home from work, the only ‘raw’ industrial area I could salvage, was the bottom part. It would have …

The Bulb lamp by Mark Eden Schooley | LIGHTING

Born in the US and living in Paris, Mark Eden Schooley is a talented Photographer, Designer, and a Globetrotter… He started his career in Paris with one of my favourite designers Nelson Sepuvelda for Bloom magazine, the magazine launched by trends forecaster Li Edelkoort and now regularly shoots for the likes of Elle Decoration, Bloom, Elle Decor. In the recent years, both Mark Eden Schooley and Nelson Sepuvelda collaborated with Dutch company Ay Illuminate, to design an amazing collection of lights inspired by nature. Our best-selling Z1 pendant light is one of them… -“We believe that local handicraft carries the genes of cultural identity”- Travelling to Asia and Africa, they worked closely with local people to bring together local handicrafts and skills from different cultures. Each light is handmade, unique and a symbol of cultural identity. In a word, where we constantly hear about major brands producing their lines in factories in Asia to the detriment of the workers’ well-being, it’s reassuring to see that some brands have still some integrity.  Yes the lamps are expensive but they are handmade (not by a 5 …

5 inspiring white workspaces

Our renovations are still going smoothly… What used to be a terrace on the 2nd floor that nobody used, has now been converted into a light, airy contemporary home office and like the loft conversion, I think it’s going to be an amazing room filled with natural light. The room is being plastered today except this small brick wall which I managed to save and we are putting floorboards to be painted in white. Considering the scale of the project, I’m still amazed by how everything is running smoothly… Major credits to the kiwi who, not only does an amazing job, project managing the whole thing (check hashtag bodieandfourenovations on Instagram) but also to the amazing builders we have on site. I will happily share their details at the end of the project. I feel very lucky and grateful. It’s our third renovation work and we worked with “cowboys” in the past which made the whole thing a lot more stressful! So yes the house is a major building site, out of 3 floors, only one room is habitable but …

5 very sleek, gorgeous and inspiring white kitchens

After almost a year of talking about plans, getting structural surveys done, seeking authorisations from the council, this is it! We are finally starting the renovations in our home…I’m really really excited by our future, new kitchen. When we moved in 4 years ago, I quickly painted the old kitchen with blackboard paint to give it a new lease of life but I’m over the moon the time has finally come to have the white, sleek kitchen of my dreams.Here are five, gorgeous white kitchens that inspired my Masterplan kitchen… Our old Kitchen featured here in Homestyle NZ magazine is up for a major revamp. The L shape is going to be replaced by the layout above: a long island facing a wall of units with heaps of storage, both visually leading to the garden.The 80’s window is going to be replaced by a large, architectural glass window floor to ceiling. Our tap is going to be replaced by one that has a boiling option (watch out for our kettle and old tap on Ebay :-) When it comes …

A beautiful white home in London

After showing you Paul Massey‘s soothing, modern country house in Primrose Hill, I contacted him to get hold of photos of the other house he had renovated. The second one located in Crouch End has always been one of my inspirations, mostly because the layout of our London home is very similar (and I suspect similar to yours if you live in the UK) and I absolutely love what he has done with the two front rooms, which are very often small and dark when a house has not been renovated or modernised. We looked into doing this a few years ago and I think the costs to knock down the walls, add a beam across the room and a pillar to support the walls was something around £20K. Quite expensive but then you can really see the end result in his house and how this has completely opened up the space.