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Charlotte Gainsbourg in Flaunt magazine – seriously cool

Last week I was contacted by the press department of the seriously cool Flaunt magazine and if you’ve never heard of Flaunt, you are only forgiven if you live outside the US because Flaunt is so cool, it aches.
It captures amazing and timeless pictures of fashion, arts and lifestyle culture at its highest levels and I think the magazine’s photography is real quality and it has a real knack at capturing both the strengths and vulnerabilities of celebrity.

I’ve just watched their video of Rachel Bilson and I can’t believe how gorgeous she looks but I’m totally in love with how it was filmed, it has such a cool Peter Lindbergh feel to it.
Anyway, Flaunt was writing to me because they had heard through the grapevine that I’m a big fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg (see previous post here and here and here and here again) and they kindly asked me to pass on something…errmmm….you’re gonna kill me and I’m really sorry. They asked me to pass on their invitation to the Flaunt Art Issue Release party…yeah I know…pretty cool uhh….but I was so busy last week that I didn’t have time to post it on the blog straight away and the party was last week…sorry :-(
Now if it makes you feel any better, the party was in Santa Monica so not everybody included me could have attended unfortunately but I have a few friends in L.A. who would have love to go…
Anyway on top of the invit’, Flaunt kindly sent me some amazing photos of Charlotte Gainsbourg shot by Kurt Iswarienko to share with you (check out his site, his shots of Viggo Mortensen, Juliette Binoche and Julianne Moore are stunning!).
These shots of Charlotte are featured in the Art issue of Flaunt (out now) which also features an article about Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, son of Carine Roitfel, Editor of the French Vogue, Tracy Emin and many more and I think they are superb!

So here we go, I hope you like them and don’t worry Flaunt has plenty of exciting stuff coming up this year and they will let me know about it, although a bit more notice would be fab :-)
I personally want to thank Ken who contacted me and then who kindly sent me high-res pictures of these shots for personal use. I’m taking the top one to the photo shop tomorrow to get it enlarged and hang it in our guest room.
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  1. Rachel Bilson is gorgeous! Charlotte Gainsbourg silly sexy cool. Ooh, I am a real mag hag and have just edited my stash down… now you have me hooked on another! Oui oui, merci à toi. ;P

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