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Chez Nous: Mila’s bedroom – UPDATE

I have to admit that the photoshoot with Paumes last Saturday gave me the ultimate boost needed to finish Mila’s bedroom… After spending several weekends painting her walls and floorboards, my motivation to do more DIY was running low but hey….no matter how talented Hisashi Tokuyoshi is in seeing beauty in the most mundane things, I thought my masking tape around the ceiling wouldn’t quite cut it!

So in an ultimate effort, I took the masking tape off, hang a couple of beautiful art prints et voila…!

I LOVE how the prints Mila and I choose together, look in her bedroom…The Friends of Violet poster by Studio Violet is my latest love. I have always been a fan of Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker‘s work so I’m super happy to have this beautiful poster they designed together now on B&F (and now, we also have the Friends of Violet wallpaper!).
Elisabeth and Camilla have also designed some gorgeous postcards here that would look very nice framed individually and hang in a row.
My other ‘coup de coeur‘ was this Nelly poster by Betsy Benn. Betsy’s Quintessentially print is already a best-seller but my heart belongs to Nelly because I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be just perfect against Farrow & Ball Down Pipe paint I had in mind at the time. Both prints are super easy to frame as the Studio Violet design fits perfectly in a 50 x 70 cm picture frame from Ikea (I always use the RIBBA) and the Nelly print is a standard A2 format which most framing shops have in stock.

Like Sophie, I used these adorable Bird Clothes Pegs to display Mila’s “masterpieces“. I had the idea since I saw how one of our US customers used the bird pegs to display her wedding seating plan!

The more I look at these pictures, the more I’m pleased with how the soft and deep hues of greys used on a single wall and the shelves work beautifully against the rest of the room painted in white.
The room displays Mila’s favourite toys and gifts which all have a little story to them like the yellow Apple we got from our last trip in Hong-Kong when we both went to explore Stanley market while Steve was working or the DREAM sign she broke, hide at the bottom of her basket under all her Doudous, which eventually I found months later and glued back, her latest present from me: the Doudou Superstar cushion, the vintage globe purchased at Columbia market, little gifts from Elodie and Lily she cherishes and Liberty cushions I made for her + one I brought back from my last trip to Paris.
I got the old Mickey on E-bay for my retro toys collection but lately everything I buy seems to end up in her space…The day after I bought a big rubber duck for my studio from the Paul Smith shop in Borough market, Steve found her sitting in the bathroom counting all her coins to see if she had enough to buy it from me. Her dad gave her £10, I ‘sold’ it to her at a loss but I ended up with a very happy little girl :-)
In the end, without too much pink, her room looks like a proper little girl room with cool pieces of design like the Norm 06 pendant light mixed with retro collectables robots and is so far, my favourite room in the house but if you are after more ideas on how to decorate a little girl’s bedroom in pink and grey you may want to read this.


  1. Anonymous says

    wow the room looks amazing – i love it. would you be able to let me know the names of the Farrow and Ball paints you used on the walls? Thanks xx

  2. I used the Down Pipe with a Modern Emulsion which I highly recommend. I had used down pipe estate emulsion in our house in France and although the colour looks great, it has a mat finish that shows marks. The Modern Emulsion is deeper, glossier and nicer I think but also it’s washable and is scuff resistance which is perfect for a child’s bedroom

  3. hi there, thanks for visiting! mila’s bedroom looks stunning, has a very scandinavian feel. love the dark grey. going to have a nice wander around your blog today. enjoy the sun!

  4. very inspiring! I want to run to my kids’s room and start redecorating right now! very well done!!!

  5. Love it! Very grown up at same time. Hm.. much better than my own bedroom! lol. I love the artwork hanging on the line.. Very talented artiste you have there!

  6. i always believed that grey is the perfect natural color
    for walls and rooms (lke kids rooms) with many colorful toys, furniture, accessories, posters etc.
    Beautiful work!

  7. trop, TROP , trop BELLE!!!
    merci pour ton petit mot, ton mail, qui m’ont beaucoup touchée!!
    encore bravo pour cette chambre

  8. Love the color! What is it? and are those beautiful little red shoes from Flora and Henri? Just saw they are having a shoe sale right now! Check these out… If only mine were still babies…….

  9. Hello, its really lovely. Where oh where did you get that lovely star cushion from? Hoping you sell them but had a quick look and I don’t think you do…

  10. That room looks great! I have also a daughter called mila and I’m pretty busy decorating her room, did all the painting etc…and know what you talk about….meaby seeing/reading this post gets me motivated to get all finished!!

  11. I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success.

  12. Anonymous says

    Bravo pour cette belle chambre si inspirante!
    Vends tu les “fairy wings” et le nounours avec la saloppette? Ils sont adorable!
    Merci :-)

  13. Oh, I loe Mila´s room! Thanks for that wonderful inspiring pics.

    Would you tell me where Mila´s bed is from? I am llooking for a new bed for my littler daughter.

    Thanks und best wishes from Berlin,

  14. Anonymous says

    I would love to know what brand and colour white you have used in your house – I am planning on doing the same grey/white combinations but struggling to select the white! Thanks :)

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