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Birthday diner at the beach

Child-friendly places to eat in the Bay of Arcachon

Child-friendly places to eat in the Bay of ArcachonLast night, we went for a family diner to celebrate my birthday.
I didn’t fancy going to a typical French restaurant with 3-course meal because I can no longer stomach such heavy meals (can you!??) and I have a bunch of girlfriends arriving this weekend for a “girls weekend” so I wanted to pace myself.
Instead, I wanted to do the two things I love doing the most when I’m in the Bay of Arcachon: Having a drink at La Co(o)rniche because I never get tired of the view of the Dune du Pyla and have oysters Chez Jejehne.

Funnily enough, we bumped into friends at La Co(o)rniche so we ended up having drinks with them while the girls played together.

Few facts about La Co(o)rniche…

  • La Co(o)rniche is now a 5 stars hotel
  • In Summer, there is 150 staff wearing Stan Smith and 1000 people coming for diner every night
  • Room with view on the Cap-Ferret are now about 800 euros
  • The view is still priceless and one of my favourite spots in the Bay

Child-friendly places to eat in the Bay of ArcachonChild-friendly places to eat in the Bay of ArcachonChild-friendly places to eat in the Bay of ArcachonChild-friendly places to eat in the Bay of ArcachonChild-friendly places to eat in the Bay of ArcachonAfter leaving our friends who were going back to Bordeaux, we headed to the Port de La Teste to eat oysters.

Not big on planning these days, it turned out that our dining plan A: Chez Jejehne close at 6pm off season (9pm in July & August) so we head to dining plan B: Le Bistrot du Port d’Arcachon, a new place I had spotted last weekend and wanted to try (closed too).
Steve then suggested Chez Yvette (one of the best fish restaurants in Arcachon) but I felt it was the exact ‘traditional restaurant’ feel I wanted to avoid. Instead we went to the the restaurant of La Ville d’Hiver boutique hotel where we had been before and had been impressed by the service and the food.
If you haven’t been, I encourage you to try it next time. The interior design is quite moody with dark green and aubergine walls downstairs and vintage circus posters upstairs in the restaurant and the food is really nice.

What about you? Do you plan ahead a lot? I had to make so many decisions when I was running my business that off-duty, I’m really a happy-go-lucky person…

PS: If you fancy visiting the Bay of Arcachon, you can check our listings on Airbnb here and here.

Things to wear in the Bay…


  1. Sarah says

    Useless at planning and many a birthday has been spent wandering round trying to find somewhere to eat. However it’s the company that counts and your birthday sounds fab. Happy Birthday for yesterday.
    Also I didn’t comment yesterday but you should do a post on just black biker jackets. Trying to find one myself. Do you know what brand the actual jacket was in your picture?

    • You’re totally right, it’s the company (and food) that count :-)
      Re. the jacket, I couldn’t find the source of the image but having owned a Schott perfecto years ago, I’m pretty sure it’s one of them. The cut and look of the leather which feels very thick (mine was super heavy but then it wasn’t designed for fashion initially!), looks very similar to the Schott biker jackets. I hope this helps

  2. Birthday beach dinner is really good idea!. I love the beach nature atmosphere.
    By the way happy birthday :)

  3. Your birthday sounds perfect! Birthdays should always be about doing all of your favourite things! Glad you had a lovely time xx

  4. Sarah says

    Belated happy birthday! Great post. Love La Corniche but really like the sound of La Ville d”Hiver & have never been. We’re back in Bisca for May half term when it’s my birthday so perhaps will give it a try. Thank you!

    • Thanks Sarah. I’ll let you know if I find new places. The Club Pereire on the beach re-opens on Friday night and Chez Juliette (my fav restaurant on the beach in Cazaux) re-opens on 14th April

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