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Chut….come in & check these beautiful bedrooms…

I have been a bit quiet lately and this is hardly going to change over the next days since I’m on jury service duty until further notice. Needless to say that I would much prefer doing my own things rather than sitting for five hours waiting for my name to be called out in a place that stops selling chocolate bars at 2pm….I almost died of boredom today and I have to go back tomorrow to see if I’m finally going to be sitting in a court room or not.
Anyway, here are a few bedrooms that I love before I head myself to bed…

1. Design Files 2. je ne sais pas mais j’adore 3. Books Cats Coffee 4. The Lifestyle Editor 5 & 6. BODIE and FOU although technically the last one is more a close up than a bedroom shot but it’s one I styled for our SS/12 catalogue which I had not shown yet (bed linen from here)
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Founder of Award-Winning Concept Store BODIE and FOU (now closed) & Photographer, UK's Top 10 Design blog, mum of one cool surfer, 23 years in London, now living by the beach in France, married to a kiwi.


  1. A small word to say to you that I like your universe and your inspirations!
    My favorite room(chamber): the fifth, without hesitating!!!
    I am in full decoration here since our moving in and all the works and I am exactly in our room(chamber) of beautiful ideas there, thank you!
    I register you in my links

    Delphine (Parfums d’Intérieur Brut)

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