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Create your own magic

Create your own magic...

I love the days between Xmas and New Year Eve when we have no real concept of what day of the week it is or how long they will last. It feels like we are in a little bubble, eating good food without feeling guilty and chilling out.

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts on positive thinking and visualisation. My favourites are from Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks, both can be found on Youtube but if you have others to recommend, please do share them with me.

I also started to meditate using Headspace. I’m only on day 4 but that is something I would like to do regularly in 2018 because I can see how just tuning in for 10 minutes, helps me to get a feel for everything.

I don’t have specific resolutions for 2018 other than feeling good and that may take many forms or shapes but that’s all I’m planning to achieve in 2018 and I’m looking forward to this new year which I think it’s going to be great.

So here are a few words I wrote this morning to create your own magic. You can print them as a PDF here if you wish and if you missed it, here is latest article on 5 positive habits that will improve your wellbeing.

Happy New Year to all you xoxo


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  1. Louise C says

    I’ll write in english so most people can understand. I’ve been using Headspace for 3 years now. Every day for 15 minutes at the beginning. Now still doing it probably 5 times a week, so 10 or 15 minutes most days. I had meditated before but Headspace became part of my routine and made it a constant. I saw the benefits especially at the start. I had to sort out my feelings only a few months after going through chemo treatments all summer. I had breast cancer for the 2nd time and I had been closed in, not totally in my body, a bit overwhelmed and things started feeling better when chemo ended. Took a few months to reintegrate my body. But mostly those closest to me, family and closest friends had been very judgemental and not very supportive towards the end. Meditating gave me a lot of clarity… and self confidence.

    • Hi Louise

      I’m sorry to hear that you were surrounded by people who were unsupportive while you were going through a hard time. I’m having a hard time understanding why people would be unsupportive during such a difficult time but I dont know the whole story and I don’t mean to pray. Clarity is one thing I’m after and listening to the signs and my intuition again.
      My sister introduced me to Abraham Hicks a few months ago and I really struggle with the whole concept at the beginning but these past few weeks, I have been listening to a lot of their podcasts on youtube and love it as it makes total sense and resonates with the way I was thinking when I was younger until people made me change the way I was thinking to be rational. I’m only at day 4 and I can already see the benefits of meditating on a daily basis. I felt incredibly calm this morning.
      I wish you a wonderful new year’s evening and a happy new year filled with joy, happiness and great connections. Love

  2. Louise C says

    I’ll look into Abraham Hicks, I’m curious. Merci et bonne année! Love ❤️

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