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Decorating with old paintings

decorating with old painting

I like the idea of decorating a modern home with an old painting…I grew up in a cluttered home, which is probably why I’m going the opposite and go for clean-looking, relaxed interiors but I love the idea of adding a bit of history into a modern home and mostly let the painting breathe rather than being lost in clutter.

What do you think? 

decorating with old painting

I’m SO loving this Philippe Starck’s Master chair below

Decorating with old paintings

Decorating with old paintings

Decorating with old paintings

Decorating with old paintingsIf you don’t have any family heirlooms to dust off, you can find some old paintings on ebay. Anthropologie has also some great pieces to decorate your walls.

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  1. Home decor says

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing this valuable blog. I must say that you have done a commendable job with it! Keep it up!!

  2. Museum curator’s advice: never, ever hang a painting in a bathroom. Oil on canvas hates a high level of humidity.

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  5. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Love this post- love the old paintings, having bought a few at fleamarkets I treasure their ooze of history- the unknown life of the model or painting I may never ever learn but am free to imagine.
    I love those white sofa’s – where did you get those? Still trying to fit our perfect compromise:-)
    Have a great eve.

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