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DETAILS | Pretty writing on a wall

DETAILS | Handwriting on a wallI had this image bookmarked for a very long time…

I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do in our home in London which has now three floors + the loft conversion (part 2 here) but I never got around to do it.

You can find this in the Wiesler Hotel in the Centre of Graz, Austria. Probably one city I will never visit but the hotel rebranded by Moodley looks pretty amazing so if you’re planning a trip there, here is a nice place for you to stay or have lunch.

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  1. Great photos of ‘stuff on the walls’. I really love the idea of just writing the floors and directions to different hotel-areas on the wall like that.(I take it it was from a hotel …)

  2. Aimee says

    That’s perfect! I will definitely use this idea on my printed textile pillowcases.

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