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Di Sole & D’azzuro – Da Copiare!!

Di Sole & D’azzuro….Don’t you love how Italian sounds heavenly musical? It’s like a song full of energy and passion, something that tells you “Come and enjoy life, be passionate, love what you do, love what you eat!”

So….yes here we go again…our French home (over 10 pages!!) in the August issue of Casa Facile, an Italian magazine.
And I’m over the moon because they featured some gorgeous shots of Steve & Mila on the beach (now up in Mila’s bedroom) and things I particularly love in our home like the kitchen cupboard with its holiday mood board, the French bedroom with its soft hues of blues, the pumice stone garland we brought back from New-Zealand and the very old piece of furniture (which is also seriously missing some drawers) I found at the local hardware shop that was closing down….ummmm I wish I was there (sigh)
I’ve actually brought back three vintage sheets from France yesterday which I’m planning to dye in soft greys like her to throw on our bed for the Summer so next week, I start working on our home in London and therefore will post less because like we say in France: ‘On ne peut pas etre au four et au moulin!’ (you can’t be in two places at once!)

Oops! Before I forgot…Michael Paul is looking to shoot homes whenever in Europe which have not been featured in magazines yet so if you think yours is worth of interest, send us some pics at leblog(at)bodieandfou(dot)com

(C) Photos (superb!) by Michael Paul
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  1. che bello questo articolo ;)
    I am happy to be able to speak Italian to, like you say it is a nice laquage especialy to express yourself in.

    Thank you so much for your nice comment and for adding my blog to Fou’s notebook, it is an honor to be within a list of such great (and many of my favorite) blogs Thanks again… I will sent you my normal banner by mail as I went a little bit crazy with the orange.
    thanks again

  2. ce bleu et ce blanc, c’est vraiment pour moi l’air des vacances… votre maison me plaît trop :-)

  3. Your house is absolutely beautiful, may I ask what condition it was when you bought it, did you have to do lots of work to it? Your work has certainly paid off. My wife and I are looking for a project renovation house in France as we want to open a business there. Thank you for your inspiration.

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