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Did you know that in China, Bats are symbol of good fortune? Bat print from

Did you know that in China, Bats are a symbol of good fortune? 

Bats are very auspicious creatures and if one ever flies into your home, you won’t want to do any harm to it cause it brings you luck! 
The bat is a symbol of good fortune because the word bian3 fu2 蝙蝠 sounds like luck “fu2”.
Two bats “shuang1 fu2” 双福 means double luck. A design of two bats with a sceptre ru2 yi4 means “double happiness as wished”.
Five bats “wu3 fu2” 五福 means Five Fortunes referring to Good Luck, Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness, Longevity.

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  1. STYLIZIMO says

    Love it! And your daughter is super cute :)

    It was really nice to meet you in person in Amsterdam this weekend. I hope we´ll meet again. I have looked for the ring you wanted, but it was sold out in the store we have in my neighbourhood. I´ll keep my eyes open in other cities..

    Just bought a couple of the Paumes books you recommended. Looking forward to get them.

    Nina xo

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