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Organic ceramics by Park Sungwook

ceramics by Park Sungwook

Last time I went to Paris to deliver the “Jury Découvertes” Award at Maison & Objet, I came across the work of Korean Ceramist: Park Sungwook who makes beautiful handmade ceramics in neutral hues.Organic ceramics by Park SungwookOrganic ceramics by Park Sungwook

Born in Seoul, Korea, Sung Wook discovered at a young age, his desire to make things. He wanted to work with his hands.
He went on to graduate at the top of the Industrial Design Program at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University. There, he won first prize in Driving Design, a Canadian student design competition put on by Umbra and Audi.

I haven’t seen his industrial design work.

When I walked through the aisles of Maison & Objet, I came across Wook’s beautiful, handmade ceramics and thought you would love them too.

Handcrafted small-batch ceramics are everywhere these days.

In the UK, The Future Kept has a wonderful collection of ceramics from British Ceramists including the work of Jono Smart which is regularly sold out.Organic ceramics by Park SungwookOrganic ceramics by Park SungwookPark Sungwook’s work is available from the Kogan gallery in Paris and you can contact him by email: [email protected]

Do you like ceramics? What is your favourite potter?


  1. I love those ceramics, particularly the two tone grey mug. I really could fill my house with things like that, but how to display them when some of them aren’t for using? Maybe I should use them anyway!

    • I would use them….I think there is something very soothing in using something that you find really beautiful on a daily basis especially a mug or a teapot.

      It makes your me-time a lot more rewarding I think…
      I think these ceramics look gorgeous on a wooden shelf, you know one a bit rustic, made of scaffolding plank for instance…of course it all depends on the look of your kitchen

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