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Do you know what you’re doing?

Tomorrow night, Mila will perform in the Chiswick Theatre Arts’s Annual Show: Annie. As the dress I ordered for her hasn’t arrived yet, I was sewing the back of her old pink Fairy dress because Lucas destroyed the tutu and now we can see her bum…
Mila (looking at me sewing) “Maman, do you know what you are doing?”
Me: “umm….yes I think so
Mila: “OK, well that’s good then”
Pffu…lucky it is then!

I like how serene this looks and which can be easily achieved at home…paint floorboards in black, source an old piece of wood, use these stone hooks on the walls et voila!

House designed by Whiting Architects

Demain soir, Mila va jouer dans le spectacle annuel du Chiswick Theatre Arts: Annie. Comme la robe que je lui ai commande n’est pas encore arrivee, hier soir, j’ai cousu le derriere de sa robe parce que Lucas a massacre le tutu et maintenant on voit les fesses de Mila.
Mila (qui me regarde coudre) “Maman, est ce que tu sais ce que tu fais?”
Me: “umm….oui je crois
Mila: “OK, bon c’est bien alors”
Pffu…quelle chance!

J’aime beaucoup la serenite qui emmane de cette photo et qui est facile a reproduire a la maison…un plancher peint en noir, une vielle planche en bois, ces pateres en pierre naturelle et voila!
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  1. the hardest bit would be to source an old piece of wood, I would like to do couple shelves like that at home and I really struggle finding wood like that…, good luck to Mila

  2. I think a used plan from scaffolding would look quite nice. Obviously this kind of wood is easier to find in the countryside than in town but when I was doing Sculpture classes, I went to a wood merchant and he had amazing pieces of wood for anything

  3. I think I’m wishing me for a daughter reading this…thank’s for the morning sweetness & smiles…

    I’m sure you know what you are doing, too ;)

    bonjour a toi ~ xo ,Iro

    P.S…adore the space, too

  4. A quel age nos enfants vont ils enfin nous faire confiance…pffff… Bon gala Mila!!!… et moi aussi j’adore cette image… ce sont les patères de Muuto non?? sublimes contrastes et mix de matières!!

  5. This makes my heart beat faster… Beautiful knobs to
    Playing with my new IPhone toy here instead of making Batman posts ;)
    Bonne nuit a toi e bonne change a Mila ;)

  6. Hi there – this is my house in Melbourne Australia – I love your blog and am happy to see this pic there.
    For everyone’s reference the timber bench was an old beam from our attic which we re-used in that space and the hooks are made from oak. You can buy them in my shop also check out our architecture at for more of that house. Cheers – keep up the good work Bodie and Fou Carole Whiting

  7. Thanks Carole for letting me know where this image was coming from. I changed the credits. Your home is beautiful!
    @Lau: tu as raison, les pateres sont de Muuto

  8. ah, j’ai croisé cette même image sur tumblr ce matin, comme toi je l’ai trouvée inspirante et reposante ET facile à transposer!! kiss

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