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Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection ’14

Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection '14

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of the new Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection (out now) and what a visual treat this was…

The 2014 Farrow & Ball collection is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Each wallpaper is made by an artisan using Farrow & Ball paints traditionally printed onto painted ground papers.
This process creates a uniquely textured appearance that enhances the natural forms in the designs…it’s beautiful.

Aranami meaning raging waves is taken from a painstakingly crafted papercut design, which Farrow & Ball then upscaled to create a detailed, flowing pattern. Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection '14Yukutori (my favorite!), which means birds flying away in a group, is a simple design taken from a mid-twentieth century  Japanese pen and ink drawing. The soft outlines of birds float across the paper creating a delicately patterned effect that could be as easily interpreted as the crests of waves or mountain tops.Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection '14Amime means the space between netting, is also taken from a pen and ink drawing.
It is a beautifully textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their nets.
And I’m loving this vintage French table!Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection '14Farrow & Ball wallpapers collectionShouchikubai (first image and below) which looks amazing in this stairway, means apricot, bamboo and pine, all plants associated with celebration, has a very Oriental feel, featuring flowers, bamboo, and trees in distinctively Japanese hexagonal frames. It is taken from a metallic print found in Kyoto.Farrow & Ball wallpapers collectionHave a look at the whole collection here. l would love to know which new design and colour you love the most.

1. Wallpaper: Shouchikubai BP 4505 | Door: Down Pipe® No. 26 Estate® Eggshell 2. Wallpaper: Aranami BP 4604 | Walls & ceiling: Dayroom Yellow No. 223 Estate® Emulsion | Fireplace: Lulworth Blue® No.89 Estate® Eggshell 3. Wallpaper: Yukutori BP 4303 4. Wallpaper: Yukutori BP 4304 5. Wallpaper: Amime BP 4403 & 4404 | Woodwork: Skimming Stone® No. 241 Estate® Eggshell 6. Wallpaper: Amime BP 4401 | Woodwork: Strong White No. 2001 Estate® Eggshell 7. Wallpaper: Shouchikubai BP 4503 & 4504


  1. Seleen says

    I discovered your blog via the BODIE and FOU: FARROW & BALL NEW WALLPAPERS COLLECTION 2014 and love it

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