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Fresh start: 2014

I’m back from New-Zealand and instead of suffering from holidays blues, I feel super excited by the year ahead, by our plans as a family and by all the things I’m going to do this year.
I usually write a list of goals when I’m holidays but this year, I didn’t. I just wanted to enjoy our time as a family without thinking ahead but I did write a few small changes I wanted to make to improve my life.
Here are a few things from my list:

Choose a picture that inspires you. Even out of focus, this photo of Steve and Mila laughing reminds me what a great time we had as a family and how important our time together is.

Pick a word that defines you in 2014. I chose 3: family, healthy food and fitness. 
Elodie picked trust and foundations. What’s yours??

Write a list of goals (be specific) for the big picture (end of 2014).  I want to be fit, healthy and lose X kilos. These goals have been on my wish-list for a few years and each year, I made progress in various parts of my life (balance, food, fitness, etc) so 2014 is the year where the dividends will pay off.

Write a list of small, achievable changes to achieve your big picture goals…


Put 2013 behind and look at ‘negative things’ as a blessing in disguise
I achieved a lot of things last year but funnily enough, I remember mostly the negative things (i.e. the copycat and the mild depression) but I’m ok with that now. In fact, I think these things were a blessing in disguise to really appreciate the good things in my life. Steve has been amazing during my depression and seeing him standing by me when I felt really down made me love him even more. Our love and closeness grew deeper and I’m almost happy I had this as a wake-up call. 
Pick your battle and let go.
I have an amazing sister, brother and parents but I know it’s not always the case. Not everybody has a great relationships with siblings or parents but pick your battles for your sanity. Being right is not always the solution. Sometimes letting go is the best move to achieve inner calm. 

{health, food and fitness}

Drink green tea instead of Earl Grey. Green tea is full of antioxidants and helps to lose weight
Replace all carbs by brown rice, quinoa, gluten-free bread and gluten-free pasta. I started this last year and probably achieved by 60%. This year I’m aiming for a 100% gluten-free diet.
Make time to be fit. As Cyndy Crawford said: “I’m not fit, I make time to be fit”. Follow this 6-week running plan I posted at the end of last year. Will not watch TV be the end of the world? I don’t think so but replacing the time on the sofa by a walk with a friend will do you the world of good.
Drink 1.5 Lt water/day. (see health benefits here)Use a small bottle if you struggle and leave it on your desk, in your bag. Replace holding your phone by holding your bottle of water. By the end of the week, it will become a healthy habit.
Swap milk/white chocolate for dark chocolate (min. 70% cocoa). One square or 2 will be enough to calm down your cravings and you won’t feel like eating the whole thing.
Plan ahead and have healthy snacks in your handbag. I always carry dried almonds. A few of them + water will stop you feeling hungry.


Catch up with friends. Make gluten-free muffins and go for an hour walk with them rather than sitting in a cafe eating processed food.
Read a book before going to sleep instead of watching series on the iPad. I read 5 books while on holidays and hardly watched TV. Did I miss it? Nope but I really enjoyed reading and learning things…and I slept better.
Walk 10,000 steps every day. It takes me 10 min to drive to the office and an hour to walk. If I walk an hour in the morning and back in the evening, that’s over 12,000 steps achieved. 
Be kind with yourself. At the end of each year, I always write a list of things I’ve achieved big or small. It can be giving-up smoking, stop sweating the small stuff, not working during weekends, a trip somewhere. The whole exercise will show you all the good things you’ve achieved in the year and will train your brain to think positive and if you do this each year, you will realise how much progress and achievements you’ve made over the years and in your life in general.
Have an amazing 2014 year. It’s a new beginning, you’ve got the chance to re-invent yourself and be the person you want to be. Enjoy it! 2014 is going to rock!

//Photography: (C) Karine Köng, Waihi Beach, New-Zealand

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  1. Thankyou for sharing your goals and wishes for the year ahead. They are most inspiring. Loving especially that you have grown through facing adversity and your depression. Stay strong and be kind to yourself.

    Best Wishes for a fabulous 2014 – Shell A Darlings Nest

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