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Get a dog don’t work like one….

Last year, I was interviewed by Author and Entrepreneur Jim Banting for a book he was writing on work-life balance for Marshall Cavendish.

Jim spent a year interviewing over 1000 UK entrepreneurs to rethink work-life balance, unlock new opportunities and challenge norms to enable anyone to spend more time doing what you want. Not an easy thing to achieve when you run a business especially at the start (and I know what I’m talking about!), but if you get past the difficulties, intense hours and challenges then I would just say…it’s worth doing it.

The book is out now and you get order it from here as the offer of the month!

Get a dog don’t work like one” by Jim Banting has received great reviews in the Sunday Times and Management Today so it makes me even prouder that my modest ‘input’ made it to the final editing (page 27) but most of it, it’s just a very good book, great to read, very informative and easy to relate to.
And if you are thinking about launching your business, or you just want to achieve the ‘Holy Graal‘ – i.e. running your own business with having a fulfilling family life – then just get this book.

The book is packed with real-life experiences, case studies, anecdotes and stories and will give you great tips on how to work smarter not harder.
On a personal note, I would like to thank Jim Banting to allow me to be part of this.
Talking with him made me realized how much I had actually achieved over the past 4 years starting a business from scratch with no-experience in e-commerce and that I should cut myself some slack sometimes! Hence my new business resolution this year….Escape the office to spend some time in nice, inspiring little cafes and just have time to think….
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  1. Félicitations! This is my resolution for deux-mille dix too. I’m grateful to be still working and have a job in this tough time and I would love to start my freelancing up again but… I would miss out on time with my kid! Enough of that, more of family time. Work smarter… hm, I will have to find this book.
    On a different note: I love this blog! And your shop. I am here my entire morning instead of working… sh!

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