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Style crush: denim & gold

Freddie Harrel by Karine Kong Photography

Last week, Habitat kindly invited me to attend an event at the Hoxton hotel, where three lovely women I follow on Instagram: Alex, Erica and Freddie talked about their career, getting that work/balance right and making the leap to be full-time Bloggers.

As I have longed to do a portrait session with Freddie & Alex since last year when I decided to focus on my portrait photography and more precisely women portraits, I didn’t think twice and flew to London.

Being fashion Bloggers, the three of them work mostly from home (although Alex just started renting out space while her flat is being renovated). You can see Erica’s family home in North Essex, Alex’s lovely flat and Freddie’s colourful flat on the Habitat website.

It was an insightful evening and Freddie mentioned a couple of apps that you may want to try to improve your productivity.

The first one was Spark by Readdle which I’ve heard before but generally speaking, I think I need to be told things three times to do something about it…
Sparks enables you to sort out your inbox quickly in urgent/ non-urgent emails.

The other one is a Pomodoro App which helps you to focus on a 25-minutes work block at a time.
If you feel the urge to do something other than work during a work period (the story of my life!!), make a note of it. Over time, you’ll train yourself to be more productive during each 25-minute block.
The benefits of this technique come from the frequent breaks, which help your mind stay fresh. The length of working and break times can vary depending on what you prefer, but the process remains the same:

  1. Start a timer
  2. Work until the timer rings
  3. Take a short break
  4. Every 4 Pomodoro (work periods) take a longer break

But of course, when you’re sitting opposite three fab Fashion Bloggers, you can’t help admiring their outfits!Girl style crush

Both Alex and Freddie wore denim with golden shoes while Erica looked fab in this gorgeous dress from Boden and leopard heels from River Island (in the sale!)

Alex is pregnant and was just coming back from Philadelphia so I really admired her for wearing these fab Gabriella slingback heels from Topshop. If I had been in her position, I think I would have worn a pair of comfy sheepskin boots.
glitter shoesGold shoes


As I was sitting opposite Freddie, I had plenty of time to admire her outfit which I absolutely LOVED!Girl style crush
Her see-through blouse by Sezane and her gorgeous gold heels from Marks & Spencer (sadly no longer for sale) were simple but perfect and she was a delight to photograph.
Girl style crushFreddie Harrel by Karine Kong PhotographyFreddie Harrel by Karine Kong Photographygold shoesGirl style crush


I apologise for the quality of the pictures. With lighting above their heads casting a shadow on their smiling faces, it was a bit tricky to get some nice pictures of the three but I thought you would love to see their outfits.

Credits: All shots of Freddie & shoes close-ups by me, group shot by Habitat. See my photography website here

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  1. Stella Kruhn says

    I love it its all about glitter during the day. Every time I wear my Bini Dress people stare at me and then smile. I pair it with a navy shoe

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