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Golden Hour

Golden hour with Alice © Karine Kong Photography, All Rights Reserved

Finally the weekend and a little blog post.

While my last article was only 5 days ago, I feel I haven’t written for ages. Maybe it’s just the feeling of not being present online when life takes over that gives me this impression…

Last week, Mila competed in the Bodyboard French Championships for the first time while I was fighting a nasty bug.
This week, my energy level was so low that I didn’t have the strength to write any long blog posts.

However, I’ve started taking Ginseng, royal jelly and acerola which has proven to be super efficient to bring my energy level back up. It doesn’t taste great but it certainly does the trick.

While in Hossegor for Mila’s competition, I did a photo shoot with this beautiful woman.

This has inspired me to finish editing a few other shoots I had done over Summer to upload them onto my website.

It included these behind-the-scenes shots for an Australian fashion label. I also made a little video for my Facebook page if you care to follow it.

I always feel guilty when I spend more time on my photography than my blog. It’s like two small children that both require my attention and once in a while, I have to spend more time with one than the other.

When I decided to launch myself this year as a Portrait Photographer, I never anticipated how difficult and time-consuming, it would be to manage both my job as a Blogger and as a Photographer.

Things may have been easier if I had chosen to specialise in interiors photography, but of course, why makes things easier when you can make them a bit more time-consuming.

I love interiors photography but the thing that fires me the most is photographing women, their emotions and showing them all how beautiful they are in, inside out.

The other thing I hadn’t anticipated, was the emotional, challenging journey it would be.

Each photoshoot I’m proud of is followed by a few days of self-flagellation telling myself how bad it is and how much more I need to progress.
It’s exhausting (even more when you’re fighting a bug) but I’m working on a little strategy to change my way of thinking and I religiously collect all the lovely messages I receive about my photography like this heartfelt one, Julie posted on her Instagram.

And that’s about it for now.
I took this image earlier today at the bottom of the Dune of Pyla during golden hour and it was magical.

I’ll be in Paris next week and available for photoshoots on 7 & 8th November and in London the week of 20th November. Have a great weekend xoxo


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