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Halloween in London & Barcelona

It’s kind of funny how your opinion on things change when you have children. I was never against Halloween but never felt the need to celebrate it either. In fact, being French, my view on it was just total indifference but Mila and her friends were getting so excited that we joined the fun. My friend Mel organized a Pumpkin-carving party on Saturday afternoon. When she told me she had got hold of a big plastic cover to protect the table and the floor, me – the ignorant frog – thought ‘pourquoi?’ since Steve had carved a pumpkin the week before and it wasn’t a messy job…and then I saw the result and I was blown away. I mean look at these…aren’t they fantastic!! ??

Guillaume downloaded a few free pumpkin stencils, then got the girls to draw on the pumpkins and with a bit of help….. here are the fabulous pumpkins by 4-years old Clara, Matilda and Mila !!!
Then at 4pm, we all headed to our friend Tanja’s who had organized a fabulous party where another 10 children + parents went – which was a really sweet way to meet everyone in the neighborhood (who said that nobody talked to each other in London?) – and then we all went around the block to ring people’s bells.
So now if you ask me what I think of Halloween….I will say it’s great! It’s really good fun and even better when you can do it with a lots of kids and parents and for the scrooges who think Halloween is just commercial, I would just say a couple of pumpkins, plastic mices & spiders and spooky sweets are hardly going to break the bank and like it says on the Mastercard TV ad…seeing your kids having so much fun: priceless

Bodie (the other half of B&F), Christophe and Lily also celebrated Halloween in Barcelona….Isn’t my niece gorgeous in her skeleton outfit? :-)

And I’m just adding these gorgeous Halloween invitations from Marta Stewart I’ve just spotted on The Beat that My Heart Skipped as a reminder for next year. These ‘Skeleton Invitations’ are created using simply thick card, a skeleton template and silver or white ink pens and pins so their arms jangle about! And you can get the Owls template from here (Rohini: love your Owl mail joke btw :-)
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  1. BOTH Halloween’s look absolutely adorable! Oh to have kids at Halloween. Doesn’t Barcelona seem positively magical at Halloween? It does most of the time I would imagine it would doubly on the 31st!

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