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Hallway renovations BEFORE/AFTER

Hallway renovations BEFORE/ AFTER picturesLast June, we updated the look of the hallway in this holiday home in the Bay of Arcachon. So today I would like to show you the BEFORE and AFTER photos so you can see how easily you could transform your home with a bit of paint and elbow grease. READ ON…


As you can see from the AFTER photo, this hallway was pretty ugly :-) It’s a house with good bones and healthy walls but at the time, it was dark and cluttered when in fact, the house is east facing and all the rooms benefit from a very nice light all day long.
Needless to say that the first thing I did when we bought the house ten years ago just before I gave birth to Mila, was to take this ugly, yellow wallpaper off and paint the walls in white.
In fact, I painted the whole house in white and my water broke when I was on top of the ladder painting the kitchen but that’s another story…[image-comparator left=”” right=”” width=”100%” left_alt=”Hallway renovations AFTER” right_alt=”Hallway renovations BEFORE” classes=”overlayed_slider”][/image-comparator]I also changed the old lights for something more modern with two Norm 06 pendant lights by Normann Copenhagen and we left the tiled flooring as it was until last June.

The existing tiled floor was in very good condition but unfortunately, the tiles were black & white tiles in the lounge, brown in the kitchen and red & white tiles in the hallway and three bedrooms.
Visually, it wasn’t great and as I like things to be soothing and calming, in June last year, we covered the tiles with a vinyl flooring bought in France. Sold as planks, it was very easy to cut and lay down (the colour we bought seems no longer available). My advice though is don’t go too light because the light hues look very plasticky. We opted for a chesnut colour which looks pretty nice considering it’s vinyl and the space now flows nicely from one room to another.

NB: We have other projects so this home is now for sale (please email at [email protected] for enquiries) and in the meantime, it can be rented out on Airbnb (read reviews here).

Do you want to see more renovation projects or more hallways ideas? Have you one to share?



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  2. What a transformation! Amazing what paint and great flooring can do.

    I would definitely like to see more before/afters as we are currently on our 5th house in 18 years but this one is easy because we downsized to live a simpler life :-) so feels like a playhouse but a smaller home brings its own set of challenges to make it feel light and airy.

    Thanks Karine!
    M x

  3. Great! I will post more then. In the past, I really hated posting BEFORE photos because they were far too ugly but I’m loving this slider thingy (I’m officially a geek!)

    Do you have a lot to do or is it just cosmetic work?

  4. It will need new kitchen and bathroom but its not a wreck and then the usual painting throughout however compared to other projects its a doddle and not scary…Im lucky because my husband (and I to a certain extent) is very handy so he just does whats needed.

    I agree the before pictures are shocking but it makes the finished product look that much better and shows even the ugliest of houses/spaces can be made beautiful.

    I need to check out the slider thing you refer to but love all these new things too…I usually ask my son if I get stuck :-)

    What new projects do you have planned or is it under wraps for the moment? How are you finding not having the shop to think about/manage?


  5. Well workwise I’m planning a series of workshops but in fact, I’m getting so much requests for freelance jobs that I havent had time to plan any of the workshops yet.
    I’m also planning a little revamp in our holidays home in France. Last time, we did some proper work was 10 years ago and I feel it needs a bit of a revamp but the tricky thing is that I dont have the same budget we had for the one in London so renovating is a bit more complicated but will see. I’m hoping to cover the concrete totally uneven floor we have by a layer of rubber and then paint that looks like polished concrete…will see

  6. michelle says

    Thats great though – isn’t it? If the freelance work makes you happy…

    you are so creative I’m sure you can find ways to do things on a smaller budget. Its fun trying to do things which look like you’ve spent a fortune but which you haven’t. Good luck! Look forward to seeing the results.

    A holiday home in France can have a more rustic aesthetic and look good and if not , rugs could help hide the floor :-)


  7. Loraine Gregory says

    Hi Karine, What a transformation , it looks really lovely. Looking forward to going to France next week to decorate our hall, which is going to be white with a grey front door. Good luck with your decorating. Pleased you have more time for your family and the things you want to do. It’s so full on running a business, we have had a flooring business for 29 years, so know exactly what you mean. X

    • Thank you Lorraine! Your hallway sounds nice too..I love white & grey. Whereabout in France is your home?

      Yes I’m pleased my days as a retailer are behind me. It was a great adventure but I’m enjoying the new path I’m on :-)

  8. Loraine Gregory says

    Thanks, I Hope so, can’t wait to start it. We are in Brittany, Cotes D’amor. Just wish we were there full time but with family still at home and the business, it’s not possible yet, but who knows maybe one day. X

  9. Jill says

    So inspiring to see the before pic as well. Love the slider. You must have had a strong vision when you bought the house, and confidence in what you could make it.

    Like many others, I love all of your blog posts! You are not blogging into a void. :)

  10. Sanmati Mathew says

    You are correct- When we are starting to design new home, Floor and wall design will show how much creativity house owner has. Nice Photos.

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