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Happy Father’s Day

I love this photo of Steve and Mila taken in Waihi Beach (New-Zealand) during our last holidays.
It is totally out of focus yet it is one of my favourite photos. There is so much happiness in it and these two love each other very very much…

Funny…when Steve and I were dating a century ago, it wasn’t always a walk in the park. He wasn’t sure he would be a good father (I knew he would be) yet he has turned out to be the most wonderful and amazing dad to Mila.
He is incredibly hands on and do lots of things with her at weekends. He is always there to support her (and me), to encourage her to try things, to be adventurous, to expand her world and not let fear driving her choices. He is a fantastic cook. He will make her porridge or scrambled eggs to die for before she goes to school.
My dad was great too but we’ve lost the close connection we had…Nothing specific to blame, just Life…health issues, losing his business I think changed the man he was, losing his parents & close friends, me living abroad.
However, as I’m not one to give up, today, after speaking to him, I will also write him a letter just to remind him what a great Dad he is.
Have a fantastic Sunday

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  1. I’ve been following your brilliant blog for what seems like 1/2 a decade.

    This is my first ever comment

    Such a personal, beautiful , insightful & moving article.

    We are blessed to have you.

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