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And so does the year 2017 begins…

Happy New Year 2017

2016 was a challenging, painful year for many people worldwide and close to us and sadly it’s not over for some but I’m absolutely convinced that we are turning a corner and here is what I wish for every single of you:

* PEACE: To the risk of sounding like Miss World ????, I wish this world, our world…peace, love, understanding and gratitude and decent, honest, kind people in control of government matters.

* HEALTH: To take care of yourself inside out by eating healthy whole foods and start exercising if you haven’t done it yet.
Nobody is asking you to run a marathon but everyone can walk to work and it matters you matter!

* LOVE: To love yourself just the way you are because YOU are unique and beautiful.

* COURAGE: to make your dream comes true because believe me, you really can do this!

* FORGIVENESS: To let go of things that hurt you & leave them where they belong…in the past.

* RESPECT: To honour this planet we live on & make daily small changes to reduce waste, over-consumption, pollution and protect our environment for the future of our children.

* TRAVELS: To meet new people, live new experiences & see how simply magnificent the world is.

* HAPPINESS: to be surrounded by people who love you, appreciate you and make you laugh and let go of toxic people once for all.

Thank you for a year of laughter, inspiration, support, compassion and understanding.
We had some fun times and others that were a bit more painful but we are still there standing and I’m looking forward to an amazing 2017.

#KIAKAHA #staystrong Happy New Year my friends, you’ve got this.

Photo credits: Satellite Island (Tasmania) photographed by Brett Stevens for Condé Nast Traveler 


  1. barbara says

    Merci Karine – and back to you! Que de belles pensées! Happy 2017 donc!

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